Java At Boxcar and Cure For Food

Choose the line to the left for coffee at Boxcar and Cure is to the other side, same door. Expect a short wait for a special coffee experience.

Netherlands Roadster

boulder boxcar coffee beansMost independent coffee shops around Boulder are using a similar set up out of Italy. Not so at Boxcar. Here, the barista is using a machine from the Netherlands. He describes it as exotic, like an antique sports roadster.

This isn’t your everyday espresso machine. And both Boxcar and Cure strive to create a one of a kind special experience in the space they share at 18th and Pearl. 

There is also an independent wine shop in the way back.  So 3 businesses, one locale.  BTW, that wine shop, measuring in at 206 square feet, is the smallest liquor store in the state.  But don’t be fooled – high quality personal relationships and impeccable taste are hallmarks of a great Boulder Find!


The Kees Van Der Westen macine is a work of art. The metal finish gleams in the light.  This espresso machine makes quick work of it’s task.   Style and Harmony in the Boulder Colorado  world of hand crafted coffee.

For Here Or To Go

I opt for here. I’m having my standard Americano. Boxcar Roasters serves its own beans and I have to admit, my espresso drink is smooth, delicious, not scalding hot nor merely room temperature.

Its perfect.

I opt to skip my usual healthy dose of cream and enjoy my drink black.  I do break down after seeing all the delicious baked goods.  

Fresh Baked Goods Baked Here!

I’m stuck. The good angel says, “don’t mess with your blood sugar Bob” but the bad devil wins out and I go for the truly yummy sticky roll. I’ll blame it on the young woman in line in front of me – she ordered an equally tasty looking peach danish.

This place is all around inviting.  Its not just a great cup of coffee — and honestly, I feel G-r-e-a-t from my espresso drink.  The ambiance is top notch.

barista at boxcar and cure
The Barista diligently preparing my coffee drink at Boxcar and Cure eateries

Boxcar and Cure, What A Setting

There is a feast for the senses. Worn wood flooring. Contemporary glass walls. Exposed duct work. An array of tables up front is inviting, but crowded.

I opt for the backroom. This space has a wall of glass that lets light traverse and makes the space feel much bigger than it really is.

There is a mix of conversationalists and laptop users like myself. On the brick wall next to me, handwritten messages. “My date stood me up” is recent, jotted on June 24th of this year. Another message suggests eating a cupcake to cheer up. Sounds like good advice for the stood up person!

Tables are smaller and closely packed together.  There is some bar seating as well.  Some tables have wood tops, others appear to be cool white colored marble.  

The floors suggest the space was once some sort of factory – they are really beat up, far more than the foot traffic would ever account for.

Great Boulder Sandwich Shop

I’m having a bad (for me) food day. Or, I guess you could say I’m taking a moment to really enjoy some delicious food and hope my meds play catch up. So I order a Hoagie at Cure. It’s pretty simple really – there are already several of the most popular sandwiches available – grab & go. Pay at the counter.

The Hoagie is a Boxcar and Cure Italian sub. And its absolutely delicious. Made on fresh baked bread that Cure gets daily from The Med (another gem of a Boulder dining hot spot). The cheese on the sandwich stands out for its amazing flavor.

Cure really knows what it is doing for those seeking a world class cheesemonger and artisan charcuterie purveyor.

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