King Soopers Shooting

It is terrible to listen to the news and realize, they are talking about King Soopers in my town. That grocery store is just down the street from my Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices office. My favorite sandwich shop, Snarf’s is located right there too. I’ve met friends and clients just around the corner at Cafe Sole for coffee.

In normal times, I might well have been in that vicinity today. Working from home for covid reasons, so was nowhere near.

But that shouldn’t matter. Since when do we have to worry about going to a grocery store? I don’t think we need any more damn thoughts and prayers. We need to make some changes to the way we handle guns in this country. I can’t be the only person sick and tired of seeing another white guy murder a bunch of people with a gun. Last week some idiot did that and said it was because he had a sex addiction. WTH. I’ve heard that the maniac that shot up all the massage clinics was able to buy a firearm on the same day he murdered people.

King Soopers, South Boulder, impromptu memorial

If there were just a few days delay between applying for a gun purchase and acquiring a weapon, maybe those eight families would not be mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Generally I avoid religion and politics in my blog. But I’m tired of seeing people shot to death. If there was one silver lining to this stupid pandemic, white guys took a break from killing people in school shootings for a year.

We need a change. Bob

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