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Great Coffee Abounds

Canon Mine, a Lafayette Coffee shop
Great Lafayette coffee shop options abound

Looking for a solid up of coffee? In town you have choices.  This is my short list on where to find a great Lafayette coffee shop that delivers great taste and ambiance. There are a number of different venues catering to every style and vibe in Lafayette.  This morning I stopped into Canon Mine Coffee. I ordered a medium Americano with an extra shot (so four shots total).   The coffee drink was smooth and silky, with a hint of chocolate.  No syrup added, just a deliciously roasted bean.  The vibe at Canon Mine is old school. The weathered hardwood floors, mismatched furniture, large space to spread out. The staff today was laid back.  Regulars are known by name. Two old fellas that looked like a couple of guys out of a Muppets movie grabbed coffee and mentioned they would pay on the way out. No problem.  Official page here.

Lafayette Coffee Shops For Everyone


inside photo of Mojo's, a Lafayette coffee shop
Inside Mojo’s, a Lafayette Coffee Shop

There are a number of different options in Lafayette Colorado when it comes to coffee. If I miss one today, I’ll edit the post. Just let me know.  There are of course Starbucks. Some in grocery stores and a free standing joint at 287 and South Boulder Road.  I like this one, as it is easy to get to, plenty of parking and a roomy space with plenty of natural light.

Another great coffee shop in Lafayette is Mojo’s, tucked behind Pinocchio’s Italian up on Baseline and North Public Road.  This space is cozy.  The espresso is quite nice. I liked that the joint offers a customer card – and they keep it on file so you need not stuff your wallet with another card working towards freebies.

canon mine
inside Canon Mine coffee shop

Also in Lafayette is the more contemporary Proper Grounds.  Tucked away on the backside of, well, the best landmark is a gun shop, just off of Public Road.   This space is airy, open, filled with natural light. The Barista took his time to make me a wonderful drink and then added a touch of original art to the top of the drink. I felt a tinge of guilt stirring in some sugar.  See their website here.

Do you like your coffee on the go? Check out the low key coffee shop inside the Indian Peaks Golf Course. Grab a cup of Joe on your way to playing 18 holes of golf.

What is your favorite Lafayette Coffee Shop?

Mojo's Lafayette Coffee Shop
Mojo’s Lafayette coffee shop

Lafayette coffee shops are plentiful and offer a wide variety of styles, all while serving up great espresso drinks.  What is your favorite spot?

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