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Boulder Does Coffee

The Laughing Goat, Coffee shop, Boulder, as the western sun bathes the Pearl street location
Boulder Pearl Street location of The Laughing Goat

If there is one thing Boulder does right, it is coffee.  This is a town that loves it’s espresso and there is likely a shop or two that will fit your mood of the moment.  One spot that I greatly enjoy both for the vibe and the cappuccino is The Laughing Goat on Pearl Street.  The staff is laid back and the scene invites customers to hang out and do your thing.  Conversationalists hang up front, while in the back laptops and ipads seem to dominate.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable on all things coffee.  Unlike a certain chain that starts with the letter S, at Laughing Goat you get the impression the Baristas really know what they are doing.

Hungry? Laughing Goat Offers Delicious Food

inside the Laughing goat coffee shop
Looking from the back of the Laughing Goat up front on a weekday.

Another great reason to visit this Fair Trade espresso bar is the food.  It is not generic nor shipped in from afar.  A myriad of baked treats is offered. Some gluten and dairy free, almost all produced locally in Boulder.  There are also hot food items, salads, yogurt.  This is a great spot to grab a bite to enjoy with your coffee drink.

Italy In Boulder Colo

I am always reminded of Italy when I visit the Laughing Goat Espresso bar.  It is just something about the polished brass, the neatly stacked porcelain coffee cups and real spoons at the sugar/cream station.  And so I always order my favorite Italian style coffee: a cappuccino.   Of course, that’s where the comparison ends, since so many folks hang out and enjoy their drinks or just work like mad on computers.  There are even power outlets.  This is a Boulder coffee shop that wants you to come over and hang out.

coffee bar in boulder colo
Barista Station at the Laughing Goat


Music And More

The worker bees of the day are replaced with hipsters in the evenings. Swing by for poetry readings and music in the evenings. Laughing Goat has a calendar posted on their site (here) with the latest events.  There are three locations, including one on CU Boulder campus.  The coffee is what keeps folks coming back of course. It is aromatic, single sourced and locally roasted.  This is a great Boulder coffee shop.

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