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The town of Louisville continues to be ranked one of the best places to live.  It is commonly featured in national magazines for: great place to raise a family, city services, property values and quality of life. And things are getting even better with the opening of Louisville Alfalfas.  This natural grocer is part of a redevelopment of the area by Jim Loftus.  His team worked with Louisville to get the concept right.  An aside:  Loftus is again in the news recently with plans for the National Guard Amory in Boulder.

Louisville Alfalfas opens June 27, 2014 at 9 am.  Citizens are excited for this new grocery in the heart of town. It is a revitalization of the old Safeway space and will be the centerpiece of a new development.  Additionally, there is to be 1,000 square feet of community space available at the new Louisville Alfalfas!

louisville alfalfas front door
Louisville Alfalfas looks quiet the day before its grand opening in Boulder County.


My Favorite Things About Louisville Alfalfas

alfalfas-louisville-tryptophanEvery year, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, the local natural grocers host an Open House. During this festive day, shoppers can try all the wonderful foods that will be on sale during Thanksgiving.  It is like having a mini-holiday, minus all the family and Tryptophan induced drowsiness.

inside louisville alfalfas
inside Louisville Alfalfas on day one. OMG.

I’m also looking forward to the Juice Bar that will be offered at the brand new Alfalfa’s in Louisville Colorado. A wide selection of healthy juices and delicious smoothies is offered.  My favorite is The Date Me: Bananas, dates, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk and Almond Butter.   Looking to jump start your good health?  The store works closely with patients aka Raving Fans of Dr. Charley Cropley when doing his Juice Fast.    That fast can be three to seven days long and involves four fresh made vegetable based juices a day.

My third favorite thing about Alfalfas is really all the little things.  We love the homemade beef broth (frozen food section).  The partnership with a local sushi restaurant means excellent quality items. My favorite is the seaweed salad.  Louisville Alfalfas will offer its wonderful vegetable and Meats/Seafood department.  Most likely, this local competition will help improve the quality and selection of all the local stores.

louisville alfalfas side of building
The newest NATURAL GROCER on the scene in Boulder County


Alfalfa’s Store Information

  • 785 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville Colorado 80027
  • 303-457-5100
  • website

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