Louisville Superior Diverging Diamond

Flashing Lights And Road Work

Buckle up Boulder, construction is starting today (March 27, 2014).  A new highway project is planned at 36 and Louisville.  This is in addition to the lane construction.  Drivers should expect additional delays.  City officials state the Louisville Superior diverging diamond project could take up to 2 years.  The design is brand new to the area.   When completed, it will speed up access and reduce accidents.

Louisville Superior Diverging Diamond at McCaslin Boulevard and Hwy 36
Louisville Superior Diverging Diamond at McCaslin Boulevard and Hwy 36.


2009 Popular Science Best Innovation Of The Year

The Louisville Superior diverging diamond intersection is a design is special.   Popular Science named it one of the best innovations of 2009.  Pretty neat accomplishment.  2009 was also the year Android smartphones hit the market.  Update!! (June 2014) I just drove on my first diverging diamond in St. George, Utah this weekend. Very impressed.

Concept: Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road

Drivers on McCaslin Boulevard in the future will find themselves driving on the wrong side of the road.  The Louisville Superior diverging diamond interchange will swap lanes for all traffic. Time consuming and accident prone left turns will be eliminated.   The interchange will be completely signalized.

  • Doubles the number of cars per hour that can enter the highway (drivers on Hwy 36 might not love this part).
  • Is 60% more efficient than a traditional interchange.
  • First introduced in 2009 in Springfield, Missouri.

Pros And Cons To Louisville Superior Diverging Diamond

Most notably, drivers will no longer be able to go straight when exiting 36.  Just saying. There will also be a great deal of construction with the Louisville Superior diverging diamond.  One big plus: this new design will eliminate accidents.  The Louisville Superior diverging diamond will also be a signature infrastructure improvement.  Superior has approved the long anticipated Superior Town Center.

Superior Town Center Teaser

I’ll be blogging more on the new development in Superior.  This community will be adding 1400 residential units and a shopping plaza reminiscent of Italy’s famed squares.  The Louisville Superior diverging diamond interchange is a portion of the planned infrastructure improvements to handle traffic.  The new Superior community will include a major indoor sports arena for citizens including soccer, ice hockey and basketball. Plus there will be up to 500 hotel rooms and half a million square feet of commercial/retail space.  Check back for future updates.  Or check for cheap homes for sale in Louisville.


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  1. I drove one of these intersections in Farmington, Missouri a few months ago. It was quite unusual and I had no idea why they designed it that way. Now that I understand the reasoning it makes sense. However, it will take some getting used to! Have you ever driven in London before?

    • Hello Martin, Never drove in London, but have in USVI. There the cars are US style (driver on left) and you drive European style on the Left hand side of the road. Terrifying for passengers who pretty much watch cars come straight at them. Thankfully, USVI is fairly small and doesn’t require a lot of driving.


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