Lunch At CU Boulder C4C

Big Thank you to Professor Curtis Sears at the University of Colorado Boulder for inviting me to lunch. Had a great time and got to meet most of the administrators in the Department of Real Estate on the Boulder campus. Bonus – Curtis treated five of us to lunch in the C4C.

This was my first dining experience in this amazing facility at CU. I have to admit, it is a good deal like the fabled dining at Google’s Boulder campus. Having personally attended a much smaller private liberal arts college, I was absolutely speechless at the number of people having lunch in C4C. There were several rooms to dine in – I bet there were thousands of people having lunch when we stopped by.

And there are so many great choices. Each station is based on individual area of world culture. I followed Sears lead for two reasons. First, I figured – correctly – that my host knew all the best dining options to visit. And second, I was a little worried I would never find my group if I separated. Seriously, the C4C dining hall is, in a word, immense.

Our group of five had food from italy, Mexico, The Far East, to name just a few of the tasty looking dishes. And there were oodles of desserts. I had two great cookies, peanut butter and Oatmeal raisin. I wish I had thought to take some photos, but Curtis Sears moves fast. He was on a mission to visit his favorite few dining stations. Our trays quickly loaded up with salad, soup, entrees.

Once our group reconvened, we enjoyed great conversation. Honestly, this was the best. I see other Realtors all the time, and inevitably the conversation always includes small jabs at one another about how is your year going, how many deals have you sold, etc. here, this was most definitely not the case. No, the staff from CU talked real estate to be sure, but in the way that I like to think of the career.

Several of us described our own homes. One Admin was remodeling – get this – her 10th house. And she was young. She and her husband are currently remodeling a grand 1894 structure on The Hill – sounds like an adventure. Another admin mentioned her new construction purchase in Longmont. She and her husband chose the area because you simply get so much more for your dollar. She mentioned working with an agent I knew – someone who had started about the same time as me back in the Nineties at the same office. That was fun to hear about.

Also discussed upcoming programming. Curtis Sears is now developing and leading a new senior seminar. It is loosely based upon a very popular case study that the best of the best compete in. What an exciting time – to develop a brand new class for eager minds. Also learned about continuing education offered through the university and am looking forward to a 4 hour program later this year. All in all, a very productive lunch and great opportunity to meet the leadership of the CU Boulder real estate team. If you read this – Thanks Curtis, I had a great time hanging out!! ~ Bob

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