Mall Crawl Boulder Halloween

Coronavirus Impacts Boulder

Stay with me here. While there are no zombies or mall crawl Boulder halloween activities this weekend, it sure does feel like stepping back in time if you visit Boulder this week.  No traffic, plenty of parking, limited crowds.   Alas, that quiet is from the coronavirus and not a lead up to some wonderful activity. 

Facebook says it’s happening.

Local media say the police are prepared yet not intending to shut down parking garages. It’s possible that even now, a flash mob is preparing to converge on Pearl Street Mall as part of another unsanctioned, totally spontaneous Mall Crawl.

The Mall Crawls of legend

By the late eighties,tens of thousands of revelers were descending on Boulder’s pedestrian mall to celebrate Halloween. Costumes were epic, and so was the party atmosphere.  It was that epic party scene, with necessary arrests which proved to be too much for Boulder’s elected officials. Before coming to an end, the Boulder Mall Crawl attracted upwards of forty thousand revelers. But the damage to the City and its reputation was too costly. In the Fall of 1991, the Mall Crawl was ended by Boulder.  Police cruisers blocked access to Boulder along Hwy 36 and dissuaded those that did make it downtown to take the party elsewhere.

Return from the Dead

And thus the Boulder Mall Crawl was no more. But some things, like a good zombie movie,  just keep rising from the dead. Boulder is again host to a Mall Crawl, scheduled for both this Saturday and Wednesday evenings according to the Facebook page.  The mainstream Daily Camera reports police are ready, but not overly concerned. Parking garages are currently scheduled to be open.

 The last few years, flash mobs have appeared on the Mall during Halloween, performing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. With the warm weather, if you make it to the Mall Crawl, be on the lookout for zombies gathering to dance the night away.


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