Meadows Park Playtime

A well kept secret, Meadows Park is quietly located between two Louisville CO communities with great amenities for “kids” of all ages.

The “official entry” to Meadows Park is at Pear Court and Orchard Way in Louisville. For this blog, I sneaked into the park from the private streets inside The Springs and The Island subdivision alongside Coal Creek Golf Course.

The Frisbee course btw has five holes, nothing extravagant. Check out this link if you are a serious disc golf aficionado.

There are plenty of great amenities at this playground/park. Here’s a short list of what you’ll find:

  • Frisbee Golf
  • Concrete paved basketball court
  • Children’s play structure
  • Covered shelter for up to fifty
  • Picnicking Area
  • Multi-purpose sports fields

Fabulous Louisville CO Children’s Playground

There are also wide paths leading into and out of the Meadows Park. Looks like a great place to ride bikes with the kiddos for some fun.

Reminiscent of The Whomping Willow from Harry Potter. My photo doesn’t do justice to this gorgeous tree at Meadows Park, Louisville, CO.

How about the three way slide at Meadows Park? That just looks like a ton of fun. Am going to have to try and get my granddaughters over there once all this Covid stuff clears up. Really fun looking play structure for the kiddos.

Mini Frisbee Golf Area In Meadows Park

I saw three Frisbee golf “holes.” If you haven’t played, it’s that small pole with the chain netting. Getting your golf disc into that basket counts as a successful put.

Meadows Park Frisbee Golf and Basketball Court

Picnic Shelter Ideas

Get creative. Use a picnic shelter for a low budget outdoor wedding. Host a neighborhood gathering. Meet up with friends for socially distanced outdoor fun. I’ve seen that happening lots around Boulder County during the Pandemic.

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