Millennial Home Buyers Want

Working With First Time Home Buyers

First time or repeat, I find myself working with Millennial home buyers on a regular basis.  Like many clients, during the process solid communication, informative process, ready availability and my strong negotiating skills, honed in my career, are what sets me apart from the competition. 

But, for you – the home buyer – it might be more important long term how solid your internet connection is than how much we saved on any given house (and really, in this market, it is tough to save.  #SellersMarket).  Here are some of the things, beyond helping you buy your home, that I think are important on the home search. 

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Wired Boulder

These days, great internet is the goal.  There are programs out there examining the feasibility of wiring the entire city of Boulder. Until that occurs, know there is really solid internet in place from a slew of competitors.   Getting a good price on your next home is the short term goal.  Long term, silly as it sounds, fast, affordable and reliable internet is a priority. 

I always look for solutions with clients – especially as so many work from home these days.

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Boulder Proximity To Major Airport

Another great attribute of the Boulder Valley, is the proximity to the world class international airport: DIA. The initials stand for Denver International Airport.  With the new 470 interchange, it is a quick half hour drive to the airport. 

But consider skipping the part where you drive there.  The RTD – Regional Transportation District offers direct bus service.  You can park your car for free and be shuttled directly to DIA.  Or, another popular option – grab a ride to one of the Light Rail stations around the Denver metro area and take the train to the airport.

World Class Boulder Dining

From Frasca, the internationally acclaimed Italian dining hot spot to a simple, yet satisfying slice of pizza from Abo’s, you are going to find Boulder Colorado caters to foodies.  There are all manner of delicious hot spots to try around town.   My family is big on breakfast, which I’ve blogged on in the past.

  • Snooze is a fairly recent addition to the local scene with franchises up and down the Front Range.
  • Tangerine is paired with a fine dining Italian option on the North side of town.
  • My wife is a big fan of the Walnut Cafe as well as The Buff

Of course, you can find everything in the area.  Delicious Ramen noodles, spicy Thai, organic Pho, NY deli sandwiches, bagels, BBQ, fine dining and affordable eateries.  Boulder has it all. One of my favorite things about this area, the plethora of great dining options for the Foodie in you. 

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There is a home for just about everyone – no matter your idea of “must have feature.”

Millennials Get Out Of The Basement

If you are thinking of making a move, but find yourself living in your parents’ basement, know that you are not alone.  Parents today versus the Seventies are finding it is more common for adult children to live at home.   I can help you with the transition – a win for you and your parents.  There are affordable options around Boulder if you know where to look. 

The permanently affordable program for instance offers homes at a steep discount to home buyers with limited assets.   And depending on where around Boulder county works, there are options at a myriad of price points to help clients get a great home, and get out of the basement!

Believe it or not, for as much as Millennials move about, the currently largest cohort in the US population moves less frequently than Gen X did in the year 2000.   Think you are ready to move into your own home? Give me a call today: 303-931-9901. 


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