Mostly Free Electronics Recycling Boulder ReMax Alliance

Erin Ratay Bob Gordon Jan Marose Boulder Realtors at the remax alliance recycling event in 2013
Boulder Re/Max Alliance Realtors Erin Ratay, Bob Gordon and Jan Marose (L to R)

ReMax Realtor Bob Gordon Thanks You

The numbers are in and this year’s electronics recycling Boulder event is a huge success.  The agents are looking forward to an even bigger and better event next year. Numbers just in; 7,604 pounds of electronics to recycle. 11 CRT Monitors, 20 Televisions, 29 Certified Hard Drive Destruction.

Just Announced: 4th Annual Electronics Recycling Boulder Event

The headline pretty much says it all.  We just announced the latest electronics recycling Boulder Re/Max Alliance event.  This is a great opportunity to get rid of all your unwanted and unneeded old electronic components.   Why take the time to bring this stuff over to my office?

First, it is mostly free.  We will be charging a small fee for some electronics recycling Boulder items such as tube/CRT televisions and monitors.  And second, this is a great way to salvage materials while keeping our environment beautiful.  And if you are looking for a third great reason, it is a chance to come by and say hello !!

Important Electronics Recycling Boulder Office Info:

  • The event is in Boulder, at my office.  4770 Baseline Road, 80303.  DirectionsToBobsOffice
  • August 9th, 2014, 9 am to 11 am.  Some years, the trucks fill up faster than others, so I always recommend, bring your stuff early.
  • The event is open to individuals and businesses all along the Front Range.
  • bob gordon realtor recycling television tvs
    Recycling used television is important for our environment. At this year’s Electronics Recycling Boulder ReMax Alliance event, there will be a mandatory fee for CRT/Picture tube television sets.

    What we are accepting:  Computers including desktops, laptops and mainframes; peripherals such as keyboards, mice, cables and modems. Plus, we are accepting telephones, radios, fax machines, telecom switches, fax machines, and switches.  Want to drop off old PDA’s (not Public Displays Of Affection!), but Personal Data Assistants.

  • We are also recycling DVD players, audio and stereo gear, gaming systems, cable connectors and relays.  A small note on stereo gear: records are making a big comeback. If you have an old turntable you want to get rid of, please let me know. I have a friend that likes to fix these up!
  • This is a great chance to recycle bulky items such as printers and copying machines.
  • Televisions are of course included.  Bring ’em down, big or small.  Just please be aware, we will be charging $35 for sets 50″ and smaller and $75 for sets 50 inches or bigger.  There will also be a $7 fee to destroy your hard drive before sending it off to recycling.

Genesis Electronics Recycling at Bob Gordon's Recyling event
Big thank you to the crew from Genesis Electronics Recycling
Electronics recyling at remax alliance recycling event 2012
A great opportunity to safely recycle unwanted electronics during the 4th annual Electronics Recycling Boulder Re/Max Alliance event.


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