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Making a list and checking it twice

junk we threw away when moving - big pumpkin lights
Moving these big pumpkin lights would have been a waste. We gave these away!

Moving is a big deal.  Consider a checklist to stay on target.  Your list may include Reduce, Recycle and Throw Away.  Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of all the stuff you have collected over the years but don’t really need. Moving and getting rid of junk can be cathartic and cleansing for the soul.  We just moved this summer. How in the world did I collect so much junk?   At the time I was a little worried about letting go of the treasures – like the giant pumpkin lights. Believe, I don’t miss them now.

Timing the big move

Most real estate transactions close at the end of the month, so renting a truck or hiring a service can be tricky. Avoid the competition and consider a local move for the middle of the month. Likewise, during the summer months, long haul moves spike. According to the American Moving and Storage Association national movers charge more during the peak summer months. Waiting to make a move in the winter might lead to a snow day, but it could also save you on your moving expenses.

Keep a record of your moving expenses.

Moves of over 50 miles, for a career change, are tax deductible. Hey – if you have to move, wouldn’t it be great to have Uncle Sam cover a portion of the tab? . See IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses, for more details.

Book ’em Dan’o

Reducing clutter in closets
Reducing before selling can make closets look bigger. Pack your off-season clothes

That was the tag line in Hawaii 5-0 and leads to the next subject – booking your move in advance. Make plans for your move well in advance. The best crews tend to book ahead of time, like venues for a wedding. Waiting to the last minute could find you stuck with a too large or small truck or using a service that bills by the hour and takes forever — thus racking up your costs.

Consider an expert for certain items. Have a piano? A piano mover knows how to keep your beloved piano in fantastic shape and sounding great in your new home.  Though an extra expense, consider using a specialist to move exercise equipment such as treadmills.  From personal experience – we paid the same cost by later having to fix our piano – broken leg and have a professional come by to get the treadmill working again.

Get several estimates

Makes sense, the more estimates you receive, the better informed you will be. And with additional estimates, you’ll discover where to negotiate for the best savings. Does the company you are using offer free boxes or packing materials? This can be a hidden expense in your big move.

Don’t move your junk

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? A storage locker with excess belongings? A garage filled to overflowing with stuff? Now is the time to host a garage sale. Utilize Craigslist to sell larger or valuable items, then a garage sale to clear out all that stuff.

After your garage sale, don’t box up the remainder, instead, line up a service like a Vets group or Salvation Army to come by and pick up the things you no longer want. Why move that junk drawer and old stuff from one garage to another? A move can be a great time to discard old items and pare down your storage requirements.

Should you box a lamp?

Heck, you should box everything you own. Everything. Professional movers can carry three, four or five boxes in a single load. Or carry one lamp to the truck. Moving slowly or moving quickly – the difference is usually a lot more energy and money with the slow move.

Be sure to label your boxes as you go and keep in mind, when the truck arrives at your new house you will want to station yourself at the front door to direct the movers where each box goes.

I hear you can get quality boxes from Craigslist. Our mover gave us free boxes. Frequently we have boxes for clients, if you need them.  More about quality packing supplies here.

moving boxes make a move go faster
moving boxes make a move go faster

Moving to campus for college? CU Boulder traditionally assists with moving in!!  More here.

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