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Moving need movers 1Moving can be a great experience. An opportunity to purge unnecessary belongings that have stacked up in the basement and attic. Or it can be a dreaded endeavor that you avoid at any expense. There are a handful of easy steps you can take to ensure your next move is a happier move. Whether you are moving across the country or down the street, here are six questions to ask your mover before you sign a contract.

Create a Moving Checklist.

First things first – your checklist should have space for the name of the moving service and contact numbers, a reminder to check all rooms after the mover to make certain nothing is left behind, reference information for what boxes go where when you arrive at the new house.

6 Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Mover

What is your registration number?

Moving need movers Moving Truck by Boulder Real Estate News
Moving Day – remember to have all keys for your new home on you.

Interstate movers are required to register with the Department of Transportation and their home state. You can check the database at for additional information on your potential moving service. Remember, these guy are going to be barreling ‘cross country with all your belongings in their truck.  You want a mover that will treat your stuff the way you do.

Does the moving company offer on-site moving estimates?

A reputable mover will visit your property and inspect your house ahead of time. In order to make a fair quote, a good firm will want to see the staircase/s, access to house and the sort of belongings you will be moving.

What types of estimates do you offer?

silly photo of Bob, the blogger, in front of a small rustic cabin
Downsizing to a smaller space…

Price is a big part of a move. Ask ahead of time for a quote based upon an hourly rate and a flat fee. A good estimator will quote it both ways. Keep in mind you can reduce your cost by having more belongings boxed ahead of time. Sometimes, having a larger crew can speed up a move as well, such that though your hourly rate goes up, your overall cost comes down.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone’s belongings locked up in a truck and the mover shaking down the owner for more funds to unload.

How long have you been in business?

With all your precious belongings suddenly in a truck or container, it is a great idea to find out how long the mover has been in business and check on references of recently moved clients for an opinion of working with this firm.

What additional costs are involved?

boxes piled in a closet ready to move
Box everything for your move

Large items such as pianos can incur additional costs. Antiques and Flat Screen supersized televisions may require additional insurance. What happens if an act of god delays the closing – sudden severe weather such as a blizzard is common in Colorado.

Does the Move include boxes?Packing?

This is great to find out early, as boxes can be an expensive part of your move. Some moving companies will let you use their gently recycled boxes free of charge which can save you a lot of funds. Also, while more expensive than newspaper, you can purchase unprinted paper for packing. A big advantage: your hands and belongings will stay much cleaner. Other times, it is good to consider professional packing – especially for delicate items such as wedding China, irreplaceable works of art and items of personal importance.

Good luck and Happy Moving!


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