Much More About Bob

I’m really not sure how much the general public or blogsphere wants to know. Probably not much more Bob Gordon stuff to tell without writing a bio. So here goes.

Midwest Roots And Love For The Mountains

Grew up in the midwest and relocated, like so many of my clients and friends, to Colorado. Actually first moved out to Vail Ski Resort in the late Eighties. That was a hoot. I skied a ton that year, and yet, by local standards, I was barely on the slopes.

My first mountain experience wasn’t skiing, it was hiking with overnight camping in the Presidential Mountains. These are out east in New England. Have some great stories to share about these adventures. If you are looking to find your perfect home and want to trade stories about camping in the mountains, I’m your guy.

The very first time I skied in the west was a grand adventure with Dad and my brother. We made it to Keystone, Vail, Aspen & Snowmass all in one incredible week. Have to say, after that I was hooked. I fell in love with the Rocky mountain lifestyle.

Zea, realtor Bob gordon and Bear, atop Vail, having a ski day
Bob Gordon skiing with family. Bear and Zea on snowboards approximately 2002-4
No tree forts for the granddaughters. Instead, we have this awesome combo Bouncy meets kiddie pool adventure for summer fun.

Tree Forts and Bikes

If you’ve read my blog a few times, you’ve likely seen photos I take of tree forts. Have always had an affinity for these little houses in trees. I had a few growing up. Not in my own yard, but in the woods near where we lived. Famously, my brother and I had some crazy misadventures with a friend I’ll simply call Dee for this post. Not his real name.

One time, Dee decided our tree fort was too accessible. It was a grand fort – four giant trunks rising from the ground created a natural spot to place a platform. We scavenged scrap wood and built it as we could. But, Dee wanted to make certain no one got into except through the ladder. So, he reached about here and there cutting away branches to prevent anyone else from getting up to the main platform. My brother and I didn’t think this was such a good idea, but Dee would not be persuaded.

Eventually, most of the more accessible and smaller branches were cut away. But there was this one branch that really irked Dee. So, he climbed out onto the branch. And started sawing away, furiously. Can you envision this spectacle? He was out on the branch, sawing at the branch nearer the trunk. It was like watching a classic Wile E Coyote fail.

Too late. There was a loud snap and Dee, the branch and saw were suddenly fifteen feet below, flat on the ground. OMG we cracked up so hard from that. Dee once he came too was enraged. Thankfully, he had cut away all the extra branches and we were able to lock him out of the tree fort until he chilled out.

To this day, I have a soft spot for tree houses and fun kid features in neighborhoods and homes. Another childhood activity that is with me today is cycling. Back then we rode our bikes everywhere. Down to the creek, over to friends, into the woods. These days I’m on a Peloton (Bob_I_Am) and really enjoy riding outdoors on all the great trails near my house. I’ve also been known to mountain bike with buddies.

kids getting balloons and decorating bikes for the 4th of july in trails at coal creek
We taped helium balloons to the table for an attempted socially distanced 4th of July activity in The Trails At Coal Creek, summer 2020.

I’ve been at real estate since the mid-Nineties. That made me a kid when our country celebrated the Bi Centennial. Seeing all the kids decorate their bikes last year for the Fourth of July reminded me of that once in a lifetime celebration. We actually had a grand block party. Musical notes were painted the street where the band set up. We had these large industrial cable spools for tables – and later kept a few in our yard for barrel rolling. Again, let’s trade stories about fun stuff we did as kids while finding you the perfect place to call home and have your own adventures!

That’s a little more about me. I’m looking forward to learning about you when we work together for your real estate needs. Respectfully, Bob

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