My Pre Listing Tips Realtor Approved

Things To Do As You Get Ready To List Your Home For Sale

Got two minutes? Watch this great video loaded with pre listing tips to get your home ready for the market and Sold for top dollar.  Got five minutes more? Read this awesome blog post with extra suggestions before putting your Boulder house for sale.

Bob’s Top Ten Pre-Listing Tips And Suggestions

1. When possible, take some photographs of your home on a beautiful sunny day. In Boulder Colorado we get 300 days of sunshine. so odds are we’ll be getting pictures of your house for the Multiple Listing Service on a beautiful day.

If you know you want to sell the following Spring, consider getting some great pictures the summer beforehand on a gorgeous day. Pretty pictures make a big impression when it comes to getting top dollar on your house.

When I list your house for sale, I’ll bring in a top notch professional photography professional to allow your house to really stand out from the competition.

2. Get photos of the garden when it is flowering. Pictures of your freshly mowed lawn are excellent.

If you have pictures from other seasons showing off your outdoor spaces, even better. If you know you want to sell in a year or two, start collecting perfect pictures today! Bright colors on a beautiful day will make your house pop online!

3.  Another great yard tip.  Add fresh mulch to boost curb appeal.  Mulch is relatively inexpensive, yet fresh mulch really adds pop and pizazz to your yard.  This is all about making that invaluable first impression. It might simply be a random drive by that leads to a showing and successful sale 

I’ve had clients invest peanuts in the landscaping and then add fresh mulch and, Boom!  We get an interested home buyer! 

Standing out is especially important amid snow-covered homes during the winter months.

4. Write Up your home improvements list!  As your listing agent, I appreciate knowing all the great details to share with perspective home buyers.  Those very same buyers are looking for homes that are extra special, so share with them all the great remodeling and fixtures you’ve added over time!  Lists like this help Boulder home sellers get top dollar in today’s market.

5. Grandma Grace used to say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  I think she wanted me to do my homework or brush my teeth back then.  In regards to your home, consider running a pre list home inspection.  Yikes – wouldn’t this turn up all the issues with your house?

You bet it will.  Before you are in the midst of negotiating with buyers.  By knowing the issues ahead of time, you can negotiate to the issues when you receive an offer or better yet, address concerns before your house ever enters the MLS.

6.  Clean your home, top to bottom.  Part of my listing program involves bringing in professional home cleaning services to help you get the house ready for market. 

Your house can never be too clean.  A few years back, I sold a personal residence of my own.  And prior to going on the market, we had our regular house cleaner do their thing.  And yet, some of the feedback we received said the house was dirty.  Well, we took a serious look at the house, and realized there was some dirt that we just never saw.  The return air vent was dirty.  Light fixtures in the ceiling were dusty.   Our pantry was disorganized. 

What we really needed was to have our house clean with home buyers in mind.  We quickly adjusted and brought the cleaning crew back in with an eye to prepping the house for sale – getting all the things you don’t worry about day to day.  Dusting the trim, cleaning the insides of the window sills, dusting light fixtures (needed a step ladder for this one).  And then we went further and had the windows professionally cleaned.  When prepping your house for sale, a deep cleaning – including the carpets  – is money well spent.

Clean windows make such a big impact, it is now part of the service package I offer clients when listing their homes for sale.

7. Can we talk about clutter?  Owners see it as the belongings that make their house a home. Buyers see it differently.  Selling your house is about appealing to buyers, that they can envision themselves living in the space and paying you top dollar lickety split to live there.  Before your house ever hits the market, do your best Marie Kondo impression and reduce, remove and generally get all of your stuff out of sight!

8.  All that random stuff you find in the process? Don’t box it up to move to your new home – sell it, give it away.  Now is a great time to empty your house of all the clutter you’ve collected.  Before you move.  even if you are moving to a bigger house, why take things you no longer need with you? Consider donating unnecessary belongings.  Bonus: having less boxed stuff in your house is going to make your house feel bigger to perspective home buyers.

9. Shape up pantry/organize closets.  A good rule of thumb: remove two thirds of whatever you are storing in any given closet. 

realtor bob gordon hiking mt sanitas boulder colorado10. Bring in a handyman to address all the little things.  Many of us just live with little things – door knobs that you need to turn the key just right to open.  Scuff marks on walls (sometimes with the back story), leaky faucets and squeaky doors.  Big or small, now is the ideal time to bring in a professional to help you catch up on the Honey-Do list and get your house in tip top pre-listing condition!

About The Author

Bob Gordon is a full time Realtor and blogger in Boulder Colorado. Licensed since 1995 and actively blogging since 2012. And recently, getting into the video craze. Ready to get your home sold? Or find the perfect place to hang your hat? Get in touch with Bob.

When not selling homes, Bob’s passions include cooking (though he is sort of messy in the kitchen), snorkeling on beach vacations (there was the time he caught a nurse shark barehanded) and lately working out at 24 Hour Fitness or simply hiking a trail.

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