New Construction or Resale Homes

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New Construction or Resale Homes – this was my second “new construction” home

There are great pros and cons for buying a new construction or resale home.  Sometimes, budget and location determine the answer to this question.  Read about Boulder New Construction Homes here.

For instance, want to be in an age controlled subdivision like a Sun City?  You might be looking at new construction because there just are not that many options out there. On the other hand, seeking a single family home in Boulder for under $350,000? You are probably buying a resale home, because there are no new homes at that price point.

Okay – small oversight – it is possible in Boulder you might be able to buy new under $350,000 with the permanently affordable program.  Read more on the Permanently Affordable Program now or search for homes.

Resale Homes Rule

The great thing about a resale home? 1-2-3.  It is ready to go. Resale homes do not require any construction period.  You can close as quickly as your sales contract allows. Resale homes usually have everything you need in place – window coverings, the lawn, appliances. Of course, sometimes you will need to upgrade an appliance after closing or replace the floor coverings to improve the look and feel of your house.

New Construction Is The Way To Go

New homes are just that. You get to be the first person to live in a new home.  The house is completely built to the way you want it.  Have a feature you’ve been longing to have in a new home? Builders can accommodate most requests.  New homes tend to have certain limitations – window coverings, lawns and sometimes appliances are extra.

Whether you are buying a new construction or resale home, be sure to contact a Realtor you like and trust.  You deserve to have representation and Realtors can assist you throughout the process.

And in Boulder, both new construction or resale homes offer a great return on investment.  The Boulder housing market is currently experiencing low inventory, solid value gains and quick under contract sales.  More on your top ten steps to home buying here.

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