New Tract Subdivision versus Custom Homes

The Boulder Custom Home Building Experience

Your home, your way.  No detail is too minute.  Considerably different than building a new tract subdivision home. 

From the direction your home will sit on the lot, to the total square footage of your new domicile, you will be in the driver’s seat.  Of course, with Boulder custom homes, be prepared to compromise with the City.  There are a number of rules pertaining to new construction.

Read up on the rules to building a Boulder custom home.

These same rules will protect you, when your neighbor comes along to build an even grander edifice.  In the city and county of Boulder, an informed consumer will be working closely with an architect from the beginning and making certain their plans can come to fruition before the dirt is ever broken (before the first hole is dug!).  I’ve blogged about a handful of local architects:

New Tract Subdivision

Much more common, even in beautiful Boulder is the tract or new home subdivision.  These homes can offer a myriad of choices.  But, as a rule of thumb, you are frequently selecting from a list of previously designed floor plans. 

And for any given feature, there might be just a handful of choices. For instance, your exterior paint selection might be six or seven specific palette selections. And then those choices will be subject to your neighbors who may have picked before you. 

two new tract subdivision views of house under construction and 3rd photo of a fully custome home being built
Comparing New Tract Subdivision (top) versus Custom Home construction. In common – you build from scratch.  Pictured here: the framing stage is exposed to the elements.

New Home Subdivisions Are Popular

Make no mistake. A new home subdivision is  popular in & outside the city.  For the discerning consumer, this is an ideal format to get what you want right off the bat.  And you get to finance all your selections into your mortgage, so you won’t need time or money to get the exact house you want after closing.

But you will need to patient.  Boulder new tract subdivision construction can require time.  Homes in our market generally deliver six to twelve months after you go under contract.  And that’s if everything is moving along well.  Heavy snow, extreme temperatures, even a materials shortage can delay your eventual closing.

Quick Delivery New Tract Subdivision Homes

In a hot market, builders will sometimes get ahead on construction, building homes they anticipate the public will snap up.  These extra houses are call Spec homes.   Home buyers appreciate the quick delivery aspect, but need to be okay with the upgrades having already been selected by the interior design specialist.

Competing With Builder and Other Concerns

One downside to purchasing a new construction house is the builder is continuing to produce more houses in the subdivision.  During this time frame, it can be difficult to sell your house (the “Seller’s Market being the exception to The Rule).  Also, buyers should be cautious to select finishes that are both what they desire and offer good resale returns on investment.  That is – avoid completely unique finishes that might be less popular should you ever have to sell.

Frequently, I do hear clients tell me this is their forever house.  But, new construction, like any other house is subject to the whims of life. Divorce happens.  Job transfers.  That pregnancy turns out to be Quadruplets.  Okay, let’s hope that doesn’t happen!!   My job as your Realtor is to accompany you on each phase of your purchase.  I’ll be an extra set of ears and eyes and can put my twenty plus years experience to work on your behalf.

Site Specific New Construction Custom Built Homes

These are the dream homes we see in our market. 

These might be large or small homes.  The Prospect New Town subdivision in Longmont is a great example.  Homes here are quite custom, with some floor plans only ever built once.  The houses are not immense though. 

For that, you might instead be looking at Sommerset (Niwot) or White Hawk Ranch, (close to 95th & Baseline, technically Boulder) where you can select a dirt lot, work hand in hand with an architect, your Realtor (me !) and a builder.  We’ll find a mortgage lender that focuses on construction site lending.  And then get the plans approved by the city or county.  And then your one of a kind dream home gets built.  Very exciting. 

Keep in mind, with this level of construction, your ancillary expenses can really increase.  The neighborhood might have strict landscaping guidelines.  That can add tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Window treatments will need to be customized more frequently.  Interior finishes might cost more to be in line with your one of a kind development. 

The Spruce Meadows subdivision in Broomfield is one that requires significant landscaping following construction.

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