Open Houses During Covid-19

For awhile, by mandate of the Governor of Colorado, there was no discussing, letting alone the hosting, of open houses during covid-19 pandemic. Nearly a year into the worst public health crisis to hit America in a century, in person open houses are happening.

House Hunting Is Happening Big Time

It’s a fact. Home shopping is booming along the Front Range. Slowed only by a tremendous lack of inventory. Unheard of low home mortgage rates and high demand are driving our market to new heights.

But, it would be a myth to suggest you nearly list your house, at any price and it sells overnight. That is not true. Good marketing and smart pricing still rules the roost. And additional steps are required for some properties. Steps such as an open house. While a pandemic rages nationwide. How does this strike you from a home owner’s perspective?

Is it merely a tool in the toolbox?

Rules For Open Houses During Covid-19 Different Today

Of course, while open homes are happening, the rules are different. Sometimes county by county. Public health officials want social distancing in place. These rules are not as draconian as the rules in April of 2020. Then, only vacant homes could be showed for sale. Today, occupied houses are being shown by Realtors. But it does bring up a question.

Would you be comfortable living in a house that is actively being shown by Realtors and home buyers?

For a well priced home – not, say one that needs an open house to draw potential buyers, you can expect a busy weekend to get you a good ways toward sold. But, what about a house testing the upper limits of the market?

Buyers are viewing open houses during covid-19. Would you be comfortable viewing a pretty red Craftsman style home during pandemic?

To be sure, that’s a fair pricing strategy. As the occupant of the listed for sale property, how would you feel about open houses and showings taking place?

Would you feel the same way if you were the owner or a renter?

Take Precautions During These Unusual Times

House shoppers, whether for an open house or one on one showing, are well advised to heed the Boulder county recommendations. Wear a mask. N-95 masks are the gold standard, but if you don’t have that, try double masking.

Wear gloves. I can attest, not super comfortable. But its an easy to use extra layer of protection. Wash your hands thoroughly after completing showings and use hand sanitizer too. Wear booties if available, when viewing homes for sale.

As for me, I’m double masking these days, hand sanitizer in the car for between showings and singing the “Happy Birthday” song at the sink quite a bit.

About The Author

Bob Gordon is a licensed real estate agent in the State of Colorado, working with first time home buyers, repeat clients and home sellers year in, year out. Avid blogger, skier and home cook. Summers are great for cycling outdoors, lately he’s been in the basement riding his Peloton bike. And when not cooking in lieu of dining out or cycling at home, Bob is busy showing homes to clients and getting houses sold for top dollar.

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