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Homegrown Boulder Coffee Shop

Based in Boulder, yet with international warehouse space and processing in Seattle, is Boulder’s very own Ozo Coffee.  This place knows coffee with multiple locations around Boulder and expanding operations nationwide.  Check out the flagship location Ozo Coffee downtown Boulder on Pearl Street near Pasta Jay’s.

Ozo Coffee Downtown Boulder exterior
Ozo Coffee Downtown Boulder Colorado


Starting At The Bottom And Working Your Way Up

Justin Hartman, pictured on left, is demonstarting the art of coffee at ozo coffee downtown boulder
Owner and GM Justin Hartman, left, gives a demonstration on coffee at Ozo

I met several new hires today while at Ozo.  Turns out, on Fridays at 2 pm Ozo Coffee downtown Boulder does coffee tastings.  There were a handful of customers and several new-hires for Ozo Coffee.  New hires learn all about coffee while working their way up – even if they have prior experience as a Barista.  The bottom at Ozo Coffee is busing tables.  Of course, a perk of the job is tasting coffee!

Ozo Coffee Downtown Boulder 2 PM Friday Tastings

Be sure to visit Ozo on a Friday at 2 pm.  I randomly happened by and am so glad I did.  Justin Hartman, owner & general manager gave an amazing presentation on coffee.  I learned a great deal while sampling the same coffee bean brewed in three similar, but different methods.

  1. Paper Filter – this method removes most of the oils. The flavor is strongest, with hints of chocolate.
  2. Chemex – this method adds some oils to the coffee. I immediately noticed the flavor was smoother.
  3. French Press – Great flavor, but also a lot of coffee oils. The drink glides across your tongue.

I asked, which method is most similar to the coffee I brew at home?  The paper filter according to Justin Hartman. However, he adds that at-home coffee brewers tend to heat the water to different temperatures.  At first, the water might not be that hot, and by the end it could be extremely hot.  This can affect the taste of coffee.  Ozo Coffee downtown Boulder uses scales to ensure the same amount of water in each brew batch and specialized heating gear to guarantee the correct temperature from start to finish. The result? Very delicious coffee.

avid coffee drinkers pictured in Ozo Coffee
Coffee tasting at Ozo Coffee in Boulder Colorado, every Friday, 2 pm, downtown


Justin Hartman On Ozo Coffee

Ozo Coffee Downtown Boulder starts with locally sourced coffee beans and excellent relationship with the growers in various countries.   Ozo has personal relationships and strives to buy the highest quality beans.  Turns out, as part of the process of curing coffee beans, there are different grades.   The highest grade produces the richest and best flavored coffees.  Lower quality grades are popular with mass producers of coffee.

Special Tip: bring your own to-go coffee mug and receive a complimentary upgrade to the next size of coffee

Justin goes on to tell us has personally been to two Central American countries to meet with the growers of Ozo beans.  Ozo Coffee downtown Boulder imports the green coffee beans.  The beans are warehoused in Seattle and then roasted in Boulder.   The result – high quality coffee for you and me.

bags of raw or green coffee beans
Coffees are locally sourced and shipped green to USA. Ozo roasts their own beans for the highest quality flavor

What you need to know about Ozo Coffee downtown Boulder location

Ozo Coffee Downtown Boulder is located at 1015 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302.  Hours are Monday through Saturday  6am to 9pm, Sundays  7am to 7pm.  Call the store directly at: 303.645.4885 or visit their site here.  View homes for sale near the Boulder Pearl Street Mall now!

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