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An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Don’t let the stress of moving get to you on your big day as you move to your new home.  In this post, we’ll talk about packing supplies for a move on any budget.

Step one: making certain you have the right packing supplies.

moving boxes
Quality boxes and other packing supplies make a difference on moving day

Whether you are on a limited budget or  have dough to spend, you’ll want to get the best quality boxes and packing supplies to make your move easier.  Of course you can just go to the grocery store to get free boxes. And save up a month’s worth of newspapers to pack.  Here are some easy to acquire packing supplies for a stress-free and organized move.

Will Any Boxes Do?

Making a move? You want heavy duty boxes.   Moving companies sell quality boxes. For those on a budget, free boxes work great.  My suggestion? Go to a liquor store.   The boxes are strong – designed to hold glass and liquids.   And more smaller boxes will be easier to move than a few large heavy boxes.

Where Else Can I Get Free Boxes?

Liquor stores are a good source for quality, sturdy boxes.  U-Haul operates a web service to connect soldiers, college students and customers with free boxes.  Check out U-Haul’s link here.   Or try  This is a great place to find free or very inexpensive boxes.

It Is Just Tape

Don’t skimp on tape. Cheap tape can dry out and come loose during a long move.   Invest in clear packing tape, it is best for a move.

Berg's Small Moves
Consider a mover to help make your move

Of course old newspapers work great. But you will find after a short while the ink rubs off on your hands and belongings.  Avoid the mess, just get unprinted newsprint paper. Available at office supply stores and from moving companies. This sort of packing supplies will make your big move easier all around.

Best of all – newsprint paper is totally recyclable when you arrive at your destination.

Wrap – movers tend to use packing wrap — similar to cellophane — to wrap furniture items. This keeps drawers from opening at inconvenient times – say when you are midway down the stairs.  Packing supplies like this cost a few dollars and will save you a great deal of effort on the day of the move. Plus protect your belongings.

Other Packing Supplies And Items

Having a moving dolly and bungee cords is important for heavy items. such as appliances.   Best to transport these items empty and secure doors/lids with tape or rope.

Electronics are pricey, so use extra caution when moving. If possible, use the original packaging. With Plasma or flat screen televisions, be sure to keep upright.  Wrap moving blankets around flat screen televisions.   Temporarily move printer ink cartridges to zip lock bags when moving computer gear.  Tape cords to stay with electronics but out of the way while moving.

A garage filled
Garage filled? Time to get some packing supplies and make some room

Clothing can be moved quickly on hangers in garbage bags. Or with a little more effort and far less wear in wardrobe boxes.  Be sure to keep some extra clothing out for wearing during your move. And consider sending any garments to the dry cleaners as you pack  –now is a great time to make certain your wardrobe is in great shape.

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