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Home Inspections Beyond The Usual

A structural inspection can reveal settling issues and recommend a course of action for improving the foundation and protecting the house. Lately, in the process of showing homes, I’ve noticed more and more houses with structural issues. It’s almost like no one seems to care with the scarcity of properties for sale. In more normal times, foundation issues can warrant bringing in a specialist.

When I started in real estate, Henry was the Go-To guy. His firm today has a team of specialists, with loads of experience (pun intended – lol). You can find them online at:

Improve Your Beautiful View

More on the selling side, but a great suggestion for buyer clients as well. This isn’t about a spectacular mountain view — although who doesn’t love seeing the Colorado Front Range! Nope, this is about cleaning the glass. Bringing in a service to professionally clean your windows. Frequently recommend this before homes go on the market. It really improves the view!

I work with a couple of providers. Derek and I connected through his cousin, with whom I played on a kickball team not so long ago. That was a lot of fun. You can reach Derek at Better View.

Myles has cleaned windows for me on some rental property. His team services this area and does a standout job as well. You can reach Fish here.

Speaking of Cleaning – Home Buyers Should Do This

In a Seller’s Market, you are a winner when you close on the house, in any condition. Consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned before you move a lick of furniture into your new space. Plenty of great service providers out there. I’ve worked with many including Heaven’s Best – they use a “dry” technique. BTW, if you ever have flooding, a carpet cleaning service might be able to help you save your carpets (though the pad will be a loss).

Notepads Galore

Have you ever received a pad of paper from me? I absolutely adore the service provided by Captain Notepad. Local set up down by the Inverness. Maybe you need pads for your business too? Give them a shout. Am also a raving fan of the quality print services in Lafayette at Morrell Printing. A go-to resource for high quality flyers at my listings.

Replacing Carpeting And Flooring

During the pandemic, we decided to put a gym into a section of the basement. For me, not quite the same without a coach making me show up out of guilt. But still, a great addition to the house. I’ve used and recommend a couple of local folks, though to be honest there are so many great carpet shops around town. On the last few jobs, I’ve gone with Mark at Fashion Tile and Carpet as well as the team over in Boulder at McDonald Carpet One on Arapahoe.

I’m A Realtor Dammit, Not A Handyman

Eh, that was sort of McCoy’s line most every episode of Star Trek.

I have a list of solid handymen I can recommend. Maakan has done several tasks for me lately – no website but give me a shout for a recommendation there. During ski season, if you can pry Arnie from the slopes, he does a bang up job.

Southpaw Electric handled the lighting in our concrete steps. Highly recommend.

Electrical Recommendation

Oh wow, to look at their website I wouldn’t have guessed these guys do residential. Maybe that’s why they are so excellent when I’ve worked with them. Hands down, one of the best connections I’ve made (yeah – another pun if you are watching for them) in real estate. I’ve recommended Southpaw to clients and used for a projects at my house including lighting up my outdoor patio steps.

BTW, we set the rocks right into our patio as we poured the concrete. This was the idea of our landscaper, Telo. He heads up Monte Vista Landscapes. He is an amazing, dedicated craftsman.

Need A Plumber OR HVAC Or More?

I have all sorts of recommendations. Bernie’s Plumbing is another go-to recommendation. They’ve changed their name once or twice. Same great service though. A buddy of mine from the gym — I miss going to gym world, let’s wear masks and get this pandemic behind us!! My buddy Sanjay, from the gym, has a great video business. He put together the compilation video of client testimonials. It Can Be Pictures is Boulder based.

I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, but feel a decent blog is better than a perfect post. If you use any of these recommendations, please let them know I sent you their way. And, of course, if you have a go-to connection you recommend, please share with me. I’m always looking for new connections!

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  1. There are so many great recommendations in this blog – Southpaw, Morrell, Fish are all great companies! I’ll remember to check your recommendations the next time I’m looking for someone!


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