POTUS Redecorates White House

The big story in January was Joe Biden moving in (he would be new tenant/buyer) and Donald J. Trump moving out (closest thing to a seller). Like many Boulder real estate transactions, the White House looked good during the Trump years. But, the new POTUS redecorates the White House just like any new buyer personalizing their space.

I read that Biden removed a bust of Churchill but added others that inspired him. Including Martin Luther King, Jr. – great selection!

Which begs the question. Do you have a bust of an inspirational figure decorating your home? LOL, I can honestly say, “I don’t.” I think there is a bust of some historical figure floating around in the “kids room” at my parents house back in the Midwest.

That particular “kids room” is unfinished area that Mom & Dad always meant to get to, but seeing as I’m an adult in my own house, I don’t think it is much of a priority these days. Anyways, that is the room where odds and ends turn up – such as the unknown bust.

What room in your house collects all the lost treasures that were once so super important but over time lost any significance? From experience showing property, usually see random stuff in one or three of the following spaces in a house:

  • The Basement. Almost universally see collections of goodness knows what in the basement of houses.
  • The Garage. Another hot spot for seeing random stuff that is no longer considered “allowed indoors.”
  • The Shed. Technically not inside the house, but a great place to see random treasures when showing a property.

We just cleaned out our garage. It’s never been this clean, except maybe the day we closed and before we started moving belongings into the house. What prompted the cleaning is our desire to have an epoxy coat on the garage floor. It turned out really blue. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Okay, I’ll be honest – I envisioned something a lot more plain and brightening of the space. But, even in its not so bright blueness, it will make our garage a lot more attractive and easier to clean. Only problem? Besides me waffling on the color, need to move all that garage stuff back into the garage.

I think Biden had an advantage. Everyone knows the POTUS redecorates the White House – there are so many news articles about it. But, no articles about him at the front door directing the movers and secret service to take the couch over there, unload the moving truck and place these boxes in this room and those in that room. I think the President of the United States gets a pretty good deal, getting out of moving day.

So lets say you are redecorating a room (or an entire house!) What’s your plan? Are you going to pursue perfect Feng shui? You know, the traditional Chinese pseudo science to balance the energy in your living space? Or is it more free flowing so long as your favorite easy chair makes its way to in front of the flat screen tv?

Speaking of TV’s, I think the room the former president will miss the most is his former television watching space. Rumor had that he would have several sets going nonstop with the news of the day. After four years, I would bet its hard to give up watching that much TV all day long.

Well, time to get to work on that garage.

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