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I Love Powderhorn Boulder CO Condominiums

A longtime favorite of first time home buyers, athletes and investors. The Powderhorn Boulder Co condo complex was constructed in the 1980’s and remains an enduring community to this day. Stylish, with a touch of Apres Ski vibe.  Well situated. 

Well managed.  The Home Owner’s Association is that rare combination of strong community involvement and smart financial planning. 

Enduring Eighties Design

Powderhorn Boulder Co was constructed in the eighties and has been popular ever since.   This is a wonderful hamlet of two and three story buildings. 

With its intertwining community-friendly emerald green space, Powderhorn creates a wonderful space to call home.   

The frame built homes feature wood burning fireplaces to warm winter nights, contemporary layouts and comfortably low home owner’s fees, freeing up funds for ski weekends.

Colorado is an Outdoors Kind of place

Powderhorn boulder co Condo 5960 Gunbarrel Avenue
Powderhorn Condo entryway

Of course, Colorado is an outdoor state, and the community at Powderhorn Boulder CO honors that tradition.  A running path has been incorporated into the green space surrounding this community.

Various stops along the running path offer exercise stations such as pull-ups, inverted sit-ups and dips. 

Train for the Crossfit Games in your backyard.  Amenities also include a hot tub, great swimming  pool plus tennis courts– all in fantastic, well maintained condition.   

In addition to all of its own green community, Powderhorn is an integral partner in Gunbarrel Commons, a community park – funded by five Home Owners Associations (Powderhorn, WIllow Springs, Huntington Point, Hunter Creek and Habitat).

Walk to work in Boulder

This condo community is fronted by Boulder County Open Space on one side and Gunbarrel Commons on another. Many units have wonderful views of the Front Range.  Those mountain views at Powderhorn Boulder CO bring in a selling  price premium as a result of their fortuitous position. 

Residents are walking distance to several major regional employers including Qualcomm, Crispin Porter and Covidien, and a short bicycle ride to IBM and UCARMunson’s Family Farm is close by and the City of Boulder is developing a major new shopping complex at the nearby King Soopers shopping district in Gunbarrel.  BTW, sine the initial writing of this article, the King Soopers has been revamped and remodeled.  The accompanying shopping complex is bustling with an array of popular shops!

Walking paths and tennis courts at Powderhorn
Tennis courts
Powderhorn Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool at Powderhorn

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