Pre-Inspection Spring Clean Up

How Is The Boulder Real Estate Market?

I get this question quite a bit. Lately – low inventory, creating opportunities for Boulder home sellers. Low interest rates, building demand for buyers. Escalating home values causing headaches for appraisal agents and, well, you get the idea. So while Boulder CO residents might not love the idea of spending a weekend or more cleaning out storage spaces, for those thinking of selling its time well spent.

Sure, we have this hot market with demand. But, that still leaves maneuvering space for the best marketed, best looking homes to perform even better. And your Pre-Inspection Spring clean up is going to help you achieve your goals.

With Spring on our minds as we enter the first quarter of the year, now is the time to plan for all of this if you are thinking of a summer sale.

Annual Spring Clean Up Chores

Start with your must do items – change the filter on your furnace, get the sprinkler system in order four your beautiful lawn and prep your evaporation cooler to be online for the upcoming summer months. Bringing in professionals to inspect and clean these systems can help you avoid small issues becoming expensive repairs when selling your house this year.

Professional Home Inspection

Consider going the next step. Hire a professional home inspector to pre-inspect your property. While you may worry this will identify an issue you need to address, the reality is, the home buyer’s inspection will turn it up. And then it could derail your deal or eat into your return. Why not get a jump on big ticket items by doing a Pre-Inspection Spring Clean Up yourself?

If an item is more expensive than your budget allows, you can disclose this at the time of marketing and either build into your pricing strategy or offer a credit towards repairs at closing.

1040 Stuart getting a Pre-Inspection Spring Clean Up to ready it for market in a few months time
Lovely ranch home on a snowy day getting its Pre-Inspection Spring Clean Up

Many home inspectors, weather permitting, will inspect the roof. Or you can bring in a roofer. A roof can be a major expense. Repairs are much less expensive than replacement and if you find issues – curling, shrinking or broken shingles, why not have it repaired for a fraction of the cost. Remember, when the buyer’s home inspector says the roof needs to be repaired or replaced, all buyers here is “replaced.” Avoid that nightmare!

Bring In A Handyman (or woman!) For Informal Pre-Inspection Spring Clean Up

This is your opportunity to add value and really prep your house to look its best when it hits the market. Who knows, you might make your home so great, you decide to stay and not sell (I’ve seen this happen more than once!).

Wash, Wash Wash

Not just your hands baby. In the kitchen and bathrooms, wash the cabinets, inside and out. Backsplashes and hard to reach spaces (like where the tile meets your refrigerator) need a spring cleaning. Take note of the grout lines and caulking. You might discover that right there, before your very eyes, is the need for new caulking.

chef bear cooking in the boulder kitchen
All that fun cooking will require extra cleaning before going on the market.

Funny, we can miss seeing this day in and day out, but believe me, when you are seeking top dollar for your home, freshly caulked kitchens really shine!

Dust Is The Word

Whether selling or not, dusting is a good idea for Spring time. Check out the heating vents/registers in your house. They likely need a good dusting after the winter months. Chair rails, window casings and ceiling fans are notorious for collecting dust during the cooler winter months when warm air deposits dust in sorts of odd spaces.

Clean Out Under Cabinets And Check For Water Spotting

Take a moment and clean out the clutter beneath sinks in the kitchen and baths. First, you’ve probably collected all manner of stuff under the sink. This is a great area to declutter. It will make a better first impression!

Also, you might discover items you don’t want seen during a Pre-Inspection Spring clean up – such as medications. And while cleaning out under cabinets, you can look for water spots – signs of leaky plumbing fixtures Much better to address a leak with a handy person before hitting the market than with a plumber to resolve an inspection objection!

Walk The Yard And Have Sprinkler Company Inspect Hose Bibs

Winter months in Colorado can be tough on seasonal plumbing. For home sellers, your Pre-Inspection Spring Clean Up needs to include your yard’s sprinkler system and the hose bibs. These can suffer from freeze damage during the winter.

Repairs before selling are great twofold. First, your yard will be greener and prettier with a working sprinkler system. BTW, consider getting a jump on your Spring in the Fall. Shifting Roots suggests these ten steps for a beautiful yard.

jodi hansen, toddy gullette, tony martinez
Local Realtors Jodi Hansen, Todd Gullette, Tony Martinez doing Spring Clean Up to benefit CareConnect, a local non-profit

Second, repairs made before going on the market eliminate buyer concerns. This will assist you in getting the best return on investment on your property when selling!

Don’t be afraid to bring in a landscaper to pull weeds, straighten edging lines and add fresh colorful plantings. While you are at it, inspect any flower trellis, fencing, mulch. Did you know that fresh paint on an outdoor feature or a few bags of mulch can make a huge impact on a home buyer’s first impression of your house? It’s true!

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