Prepare My Home For Smooth Sale

Let’s talk about the steps Boulder home sellers are taking these days to successfully get their homes sold for top dollar and a smooth sale.

Staging My Home For Smooth Sale

Staging is easily the best money spent getting a house ready for the market these days. Imagine walking into a house, the kitchen counters are filled with a microwave oven, pile of bills, a knife block set, a coffee grinder, you know more gizmos for cooking.

That doesn’t make a stand out impression. Instead, a stager can help Boulder CO home sellers clear counters and create a vibe that will appeal to Colorado home buyers. You want something that is both open and spacious. Maybe with just one must have item – say the knife block – on the counters.

Now buyers see your kitchen and it offers two highly desired features. Lots of empty space. And invitingly staged to make a great first impression.

virtual staged space at 131 s madison with a black couch and glass table and black and white picture on the wall
Virtually stage space alternative.

But This Is A Seller’s Market – So Why Bother Staging?

Great question. Why should you invest in staging in the Boulder Seller’s Market? Because the best presented homes are not just selling like hot cakes. The best homes are bringing multiple offers, with contingencies removed and selling for better than full price.

If you can relate, if you can say, “Yeah, I want set up my home for smooth sale at top dollar and quick close,” then you want to take a few steps (expenses) to help you get there. Check out my latest listing on 708 Brome Pl – there the seller staged her house.

A well staged home should look so good, the seller is thinking it is the model home they have always wanted. Buyers will be equally impressed!

And guess what? Tons of showings the first two days, multiple offers, better than full price sale. This stuff works if you work it.

construction zone
I’m not suggesting a massive project. Simple improvements like a freshly painted front door go a long ways!

Best Home Improvements For High Interest and Smooth Sale

Remodeling can definitely have an impact when it comes to getting your house sold. But I’m not going to get into that here. Because in this market, unless your house is truly a disaster, there are probably better options to improve your return.

The Top Five Improvements Home For Smooth Sale Needs

  • Front doors literally the first thing Colorado home buyers see walking into your Boulder house for sale. Consider a fresh coat of paint or a new electronic lockset.
  • Windows. Just get them cleaned. I’ve discovered the view out my windows is tremendously better when I have them professionally cleaned. So I do this for my listings. It really has a big impact on the view out and light streaming in.
  • Exterior home paint. This can be a bigger expense, but if its been a few years, consider painting my home for smooth sale. This plus a freshly painted front door: wowza!
  • Solid surface countertops. The other day I showed a lovely home with quartz counters. The buyers loved the look. When we went into the alley, the clients were shocked to see the old tiled counters standing on edge, waiting to be picked up by the trash. This Boulder home seller had clearly just replaced the counters to make a Big Impression!

Eliminate Some Furniture

There is how we live in our homes. And then there is how we show our homes for sale. See if you can remove a piece of furniture from each room. This will open up the floor plan and create more space to walk about.

crosses on a wall
Eliminating overly personal belongings is a good idea for improving your home’s appeal to a broader base.

Remember, you are taking your stuff with you when you sell; you are selling the space. Show it off!

Make Minor Repairs

This is something I personally did to prepare my home for smooth sale a few years back. I repaired all the little things I had been living with to get the best offer possible. Its funny when you think about it.

The little annoyances we live with. Like the squeaky door or the lock set that is just a little tricky to unlock. Some of our cabinet doors no longer were aligned. The sidewalk had sunk a few inches due to shifting. We just always remembered it was a big step up!

Well, before you go on the market for sale in Boulder, repair all your little things you are living with. For us, our list turned out to be longer than we thought, and less expensive than we feared. The payoff, was a quick better than full price sale! Mission Accomplished.

Oops – gotta show a house for sale

Off to do some more real estate tasks, so that’s all for now. If you are thinking of selling your Boulder condo or house or hope to buy a new property, give me a shout to discuss your real estate needs.

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