Principles of Real Estate

Principles of Real Estate

As a student at CU earning the Real Estate Certificate the first class you take is Principles of Real Estate, according to Chase Fraser.  Entering his senior year at #CUBoulder, Chase is writing today’s guest post.  This class is taught by CU Boulder faculty member Professor Curtis Sears.  He has real world experience in both commercial and residential as well as a passion for teaching students about the world of Real Estate.

This fast paced Principles of real estate course covers a multitude of topics that gives students a good base of knowledge of Realty as they continue through the certificate. Within Principles of Real Estate the main topics discussed are:

  1. The legal foundation of Real Estate.
  2. The Appraisal process.
  3. Understanding Brokerage and client relationship.
  4. A general understanding of the Sales side of Real Estate.
  5. Financing and investing sides of Real Estate.
study principles of real estate at cu leeds school of business
The CU Boulder Leeds School of Business, where Chase Fraser is taking the Principles of real estate course; photo compliments of Chase Fraser.


Special real estate experience

As the class works through these broad topics, students begin to understand the inner workings of Real Estate.  This is through the mastering of the terminology and lingo involved in the field.  And understanding the equations and basic conceptual aspects of Real Estate. What’s special about the Principles of Real Estate class is that it teaches CU students about not only Real Estate as a whole but also goes into learning about the commercial and residential sides of Real Estate.  And Professor Sears take the time to point out what makes each unique.

Whether as a part of the CU Real Estate certificate or simply for the experience, students pursuing this class are getting priceless knowledge. The information learned in Principles of real estate will be of use throughout their life whether they decide to pursue a career in Real Estate or not.  I’m very fortunate to have taken this class as I feel it has given me necessary tools to help me as continue to earn the Real Estate Certificate as I work towards my goal of becoming a Boulder Realtor.



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