Prospect Eats

Colorado Food Truck Party

Prospect Eats food truck and crowds
Prospect Eats Food Truck Party

The food truck craze is alive and well at Prospect Eats.  Big crowds, lots of delicious choices, rocking good music and a people friendly park make for a great evening.  We decided to check it out this evening and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Top of the Hill Grill makes a fantastic coleslaw – easily the best of the provisions we enjoyed for our dinner!

And if you are looking for more opportunities, be sure to check out the food truck party in North East Boulder, aka Gunbarrel, held twice a month.

Prospect New Town

Prospect New Town
big crowds for fun food
bob gordon realtor house
Gorgeous one-of-a-kind tree lined homes

The first time I visited Prospect, there were three spec homes.  The developer, Kiki Wallace, was excited about one thing: trees.  He wanted Realtors to notice the big trees everywhere.  Well, it is hard to miss the vegetation at Prospect these days.  Glorious oaks, towering Blue Spruce, grand Cottonwood and quaking Aspens are abundant and offer plenty of shade in this delightful New Urbanest retreat.

Prospect Community

Eventually, this community will have almost six hundred residences
Eventually, this community will have almost six hundred residences

Narrow streets wind about, garages are hidden down allies and thought is given to people, parks and community.  Prospect Eats is a wonderful extension of community, an idea of neighbors joining together in a park over a plate of food.  Children run and play, some dance to forget and others still relax in groups at this grand community potluck.  Don’t bake, just bring some bread – err, cash – to get your fix at one of the dozen different food trucks lining the park.



Our Evening at Prospect Eats

Perfect dessert: strawberry ice cream & homemade hot fudge by Sweet Cow

We arrive and immediately bump into friends Bill and Carol.  They like to bike over from Creekside, listen to a little music and have a snack.  Bill points out food truck specializing in Asian cuisine.  We elect to walk about, eventually enjoying great hand cut fries and spicy slaw from Top of the Hill Grill  as a starter.  For a main course, we sample tacos from Comida. As we are waiting for our order, we realize there is a full Comida restaurant tucked away behind the truck.  We’ll be back, because the tacos are delicious.  For dessert, we find the Sweet Cow truck.  But you can’t go wrong, there are so many delicious choices.

Prospect Eats – what you need to know: Monday nights, 5:30 to 9 pm, Prospect New Town

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  1. Prospect is a fantastic little-known-about neighborhood. My wife and I thought it was very charming the first time we visited. Thanks for sharing!

    • little known, but so gorgeous once you find it. Prospect Eats is a great community event. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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