Prospect Sound Bites Food Truck Party

Live Music Cold Drinks Hot Crowd

That about sums up the scene at the 2015 Prospect Sound Bites Food Truck Party happening Mondays this summer.  Julie and I made it to the festival this week and enjoyed some great tunes from The Wendy Woo Band.  You can enjoy the wonderful neighborhood vibe and block party too.  Here are the remaining dates and bands for this summer’s best kept secret.

Schedule Prospect Sound Bites

  • Monday June 15, 2015 see Stone Soup, sponsored by Phillip Ferranti and the Ferranti Foundation.  This is northern Colorado’s largest free food truck party!
  • Monday June 22, 2015 Walker Shellist, primary sponsor for the evening is Freedom Financial Offices Inc.  Music for Prospect Sound Bites starts at 5:30 pm.
  • Monday June 29, 2015 The Hazel Miller Band, a true force of nature, performs on stage.  The evening is sponsored by the Prospect Sales Office.   Bring a comfy chair, even a portable table.  Great evening fun for families.  Ample parking and be sure to check out the funky Prospect neighborhood.
  • Monday July 6th 2015 The Buckner Funken Jazz brings Prospect Sound Bites Food Truck Party to life.  This evening’s sponsor will be Good Life Acupuncture plus Coffee and Connections.
  • Monday July 13th 2015, privately sponsored The Ian McFeron Band is going to Rock. The. House.  Plus everyone’s favorite line up of food trucks, children’s face painting and more.
  • Monday July 20th 2015 come out for the Shayne Bradley Band at this week’s Prospect Sound Bites.  Sponsors include House Gifts, Nest and Prospect Apothecary

Where Is The Food Truck Party?

Located at Prospect “Downtown” Park, 100 Year Party Court and Tenacity Drive in Longmont, Colorado 80504.  A rotating selection of Colorado’s best Street Eats food trucks are on hand to feed everyone their favorite foods!  Check out:

The Slawpy Barn

Munchies, burgers, hot dogs and all sorts of sandwiches.  Plus a bit of Mexican such as Chimichangas and Burritos.  Check out their Facebook page to see where they are serving lunch on any given day or catch them on June 29th at the Prospect Sound Bites event!

Ba Nom a Nom

The Vegan treat Food truck specializes in frozen fruit and floats.  Delicious and oh-so-good for you.  Robust website has calendar with location dates and tons of information on this neat concept!

Sweet Cow

Started as a food truck, now dominating around #BoulderColorado with a number of store front locations or was it the other way around.   We love the strawberry ice cream with hot fudge sauce.  The perfect treat or a great way to forget about a tough day at work.

Seb’s Wood Fired Pizzas

This guy drives around a wood fired pizza oven.  At the last block party, the aroma wafting around this truck was just fabulous.  And plenty of people carrying really big pizzas.  Great value.   Visit the official website. You can also find this awesome Food Truck at the local Boulder/Longmont Farmer’s Markets plus at the Louisville Street Faire this year.  Oh, and it’s all organic !!


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