Real Estate Is All About Location

Low Inventory And Home Buying

Am working with several buyers lately.  t, it is the trend – more home buyers than sellers out there.  And I’m feeling for my clients. There is just really intensely low home inventory.  You walk into a place and have to immediately decide, “do I write and above list price offer for this place? Do I love it that much?”  Real estate is all about location and this is certainly true in Boulder.  With so few homes at any price point available, clients are stuck. Do you go for less house and more location? 

Real Estate Is All About Location such as this with a postcard view of mountains
View of snow capped Front Range. Real Estate Is All About Location and majority of Colorado population lives west of i-25, north of Castle Rock and South of Fort Collins enjoying views like this


Denver Is In The Same Boat Too

Denver is a bigger place than Boulder, but same issue.  Do you go for the modern, contemporary home in Saudi Aurora and have the long commute?  That is one option when reminded that real estate is all about location.  Or do you trade in the newer open floor plan and get the short, quick commute.  Being downtown has no commute, so lunch at home is an option.  But you have to give up the big layout and the extras – basement, extra bedrooms, open kitchen. 

Boulder Affordable Homes

760 Mohawk Dr Boulder, 80303 closed this week for $515,000.  A Park East home, this area was once upon a time more affordable.   As all of Boulder becomes desirable (low inventory), the maxim, “real estate is all about location” becomes more true.  Affordable homes in any given week are now starting over a 1/2 mil.  This home is located near Foothills Parkway – at best a “fair” location is now selling for a sizable sum.

Boulder Luxury Homes For Sale

With a closed sale at just six tenths of one percent less than list price, this week’s top luxury home closed at $1,669,000. I had the good fortune to view this home last Fall.  Located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac with amazing views over Boulder.  And yet, this price tells me real estate is all about location more than ever.  It isn’t the biggest house. Nor the grandest finishes. But it does offer an excellent locale for one’s place of residence.  With luxury home sales now including more everyday houses, the expectation is that Boulder will set new heights on home values in 2015.

View Boulder Homes For Sale

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 A Thought For Home Buyers

Interest rates remain favorable. And you are qualified to purchase.  Though the pickings are slim, these are the BEST opportunities on the market today.  The housing market is in the midst of a value run-up. So while we wait for the perfect home, prices are on the climb.  Best to find the house that meets many, though not all, of your criteria.  Will this be the perfect home? (dunno).  But watching the market climb in value, waiting for a perfect place that may never come along or worse – does only to be BID up beyond your price point – is bound to be frustrating.

They say markets are cyclical. Well, today reminds me of the mid-90’s, during which time Boulder essentially moved up 40% in value.  The big lesson I learned then – don’t wait too long in your home search.

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Bob Gordon is a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Boulder.  He writes on the blog Boulder Real Estate News and managed to post everyday in a row for two consecutive years.  Click HERE to get in touch with Bob now regarding your real estate needs.

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