Real Estate Wiring Instructions In The News

When I first got into this business (I’m dating myself), wiring instructions were a no nonsense, non sexy part of transactions. Buyers would either bring a cashier’s check or wire their funds from a bank for a closing.

Buyer Beware!

And, this is generally still the practice. But, Buyer Beware. This past year has seen an explosion of wire fraud in the real estate industry. A number of smart and practical safety measures have been implemented to protect consumers.

boulder home buyer confused by wiring instructions received online
Be aware. Wiring instruction scams are out there. Double check in person or via phone before accepting online instructions!

Secure Wiring Instructions

The new normal is for a credit union or your bank to use a secure email platform when sending bank wire instructions. Or to keep it old school and hand off the instructions in person or over the phone with someone known to all parties.

Why? What changed? Most notably, schemers and scammers have found ways to infiltrate real estate financial transactions.

Social Media And Wire Fraud

It’s no surprise to hear social media in the news for misuse. With so much information easily available on social media channels, some scammers have started watching for opportunities to interrupt transactions.

One scam involves phishing for access to email of one or more parties to a transaction. And then watching for the wiring instructions and making a last minute change.

Secure Email

To protect consumers, secure emails from title firms and mortgage bankers with wiring instructions prevents most fraud.

There are horror stories out there. Most recently, a home buyer in Oregon wired his funds out of the country. Be Aware!

Disclose Disclose Disclose

Boulder Realtors have also added disclosures to the documentation of transactions, warning clients to be extra vigilant.

Client’s banks and financial institutions are also implementing better procedures. And it isn’t merely to protect from wiring fraud.

Its Not Just Wiring Instructions Either

While personal checks have never been considered good funds at the closing table, more and more title companies are reluctant to accept even a cashier’s check. Why?

Smart phones can upload checks directly to bank accounts. Another scam out there allows a cashier’s check to be compromised before the title company has time to deposit it.

Thus title firms generally require checks be delivered a few days early when allowed at all in transactions.

Informed and Forewarned Makes For A Safe Boulder Real Estate Transaction

Being well informed is a big part of keeping safe. We all know the importance of wearing seat belts, waiting several minutes to swim after eating (this was The Rule when I was a kid) generally keeping safe.

Knowing the risks of a transaction keeps home buyers and sellers safe as well. When in doubt, contact your Realtor, banking institution and title company directly by phone or in person.

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  1. Thank you Bob for the warning about wiring funds in a real estate deal. One more reason why I’ll use you when I’m ready to buy.


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