Reasons I Love Lafayette Colorado # 23

Lafayette Colorado Is The New Hot L Town

front range brewery exterior with outdoor seasonal seating and a lively lafayette crowd visibile through the garage door style windwosLook, who wouldn’t want to live in Boulder? Its got everything, including this month a median home price just shy of a million bucks.  So, maybe you are seeking the newest hottest L town in the area to satisfy your cravings to be as close as possible to Boulder while not paying for that privilege.  The twenty third (on my list) best reason to live in Lafayette Colorado would be the fantastic brewery scene.  Nothing sums this up better than a recent evening out with my client and friend, Adam B.

Referrals Are The Key To My Success

Adam and I met through a past client connection.  Jody and Chris introduced me to Adam.  I helped J & C purchase their home in Lafayette ages ago – another Lafayette Colorado connection.  They loved their home for proximity to great schools.  There son, now a sixteen year old is working in the kitchen at inside Front Range Brewery.  And this brings me back to reason number 23 to be here – great breweries. 

Front Range Brewery

Turns out when Adam and I connected at the Front Range Brewery the other day, that sixteen year old was in the kitchen making our appetizer – some very tasty Buffalo Chicken Wings.   And while Adam and I hung at the brewery, friend after friend stopped by to say “Hello” to Adam.  FRB is his regular place of choice.  And I can see why.

Open Mic Night

While were chilling and listening to good tunes, it was also an open Microphone night.  One soloist after another took to the front of brewery to belt out some good tunes.  That was all sort of around the corner from where we were seated.  So the music was somewhat muted.  What i noticed was a diverse group of friends stopping to say hello to Adam.  He enjoyed a couple of light German homemade drafts. 

Being sober, I consumed a chilled (no ice cubes to water it down) homemade  Root Beer.  I can honestly say, “It was damn good.”  Creamy, soft finish, excellent full flavor.  Not too sweet, just the right amount of satisfying and a great contrast to our spicy hot wings.

interior of the Front Range Brewery
Lively crowd at the Front Range Brewery on open mic night in Lafayette Colorado

And the whole while, one friend after another stopped by to see Adam.  I joked if he wanted to get started in real estate, he already had a niche — that bar scene!  In a way, it also really reminded me of the tv show Cheers.  Everyone seemed to know one another and get along.    And before I knew it, everyone even included Jody & Chris who happened by to listen to some tunes and enjoy a beer at their home away from home. 

Where To Find Front Range Brewery

Its located at the back of the Lafayette Marketplace shopping/dining indoor mall in Lafayette.  You can park out front or around back.  There is a nice patio for summertime/warmer weather. 

  • Address: 400 W South Boulder Rd #1650, Lafayette, CO 80026
  • Phone: (303) 339-0767

Other Great Lafayette CO Breweries Abound

Craving a hard cider and a nice dinner? Tucked away at the back of an industrial park with a splendid view sits Acreage.  Lively place with lots of entertainment value and indoor/seasonal outdoor seating.  Liquid Mechanics Brewery is located kitty corner from the King Soopers in Lafayette. I haven’t been yet, but see it all the time.  For a food truck scene and more live music, check out Odd 13.  The Post Brewing Company is in downtown Lafayette.  I’ve been on several occasions.  My favorite is the incredible beer battered chicken they serve up.  Its amazingly satisfying southern comfort food.  

There is also Cellar West Artisan Ales and then also Endo Brewing company over by the YMCA.  Again, that one has a significant selection of beers to choose from.

About the Author Bob Gordon

Blogging since 2012 about all things Boulder Colorado and the real estate housing market.  I’m passionate about hiking, skiing (even lived in Vail one season a long time ago), active Alumni for my college – Ohio Wesleyan University and a resident of Lafayette.  I love this little town.  Its an easy twenty minute drive to Boulder – super close for world class hiking and dining.  Home values are great  – you get a lot of home for a reasonable price point!

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