Red Rocks Boulder Hiking

Settlers Park Boulder

settlers quarry boulder co hiking sign and arrowNestled at the edge of town along Pearl Street is Settler’s Park.  Offers plenty of parking, picnic tables and bike storage (bring your own lock).  From this park area, you can easily ascend Red Rocks Boulder hiking trail.  There is a very short out and back trail called Settler’s Quarry here as well.

Boulder Hiking Workout

One of my quick favorite thoughts on Red Rocks Boulder hiking – it is a darn good workout.  The trail quickly gains elevation.  You are moving over rock, crushed rock and dirt, so good footwork is a must.  Once you get to the Red Rocks themselves, there is the opportunity to scramble about which is a great all-over body workout.

Red Rocks Boulder hiking trails loop the rock formations and offer great views of Boulder’s beloved Mount Sanitas Trails.  There are great views of downtown and some pretty homes across Canyon Blvd in the Foothills.  I found a few spots to sit and take in the view while hiking including a very lovely park bench.

view of red rocks
Classic view of the Boulder Red Rocks Hiking trails


Planning Your Red Rocks Boulder Hiking Adventure

Though you gain some elevation rapidly doing the Red Rocks Boulder hiking trail, it is not that far in distance. And the scrambling is optional.  I would budget at least 30 minutes for a quick hike an hour minimum if you are going to scramble about the rocks.  While there, I saw braver climbers summit the rocks, plenty of walker/hikers and one athlete doing yoga.  Red Rocks is also accessible from Mapleton Avenue.

Photo Blog

photo of cu boulder from red boulder rocks hiking trail
The View of CU Boulder from Red Rocks

The View (above) and the trail (below):

Red Rocks Boulder hiking trail
Red Rocks Boulder Hiking trail
guy hiking at red rocks
This guy is really up high, on top of the spires at Red Rocks
rock spires
Beautiful rock spires abound

One of the best parts of hiking Red Rocks in Boulder is the option to scramble on the rocks.  This is not technical rock climbing, although in spots you are quite high up and there is not an official path.   So9 exercise good caution!

Red Rocks is aptly named – the stone is red in coloration and a wonderful spot for a quick hike or workout.

Not to be confused with the concert venue of the same name in Golden.


Two wooded portions of the hike – one on the Settler’s Quarry trail and another on the main trail to Red Rocks Boulder Hiking.

sparse trees in hiking area
sparely wooded area is part of Settler’s Quarry
Boulder red rocks hiking goes through a neighbor's field.
Feel verdant on the hike up to Red Rocks

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