Replace Smoke Detector Batteries Annually

Chirp Chirp Chirp

C’mon, I know you have heard that maddening chirping sound. Its worse if you wake in the middle of a goodnight’s sleep to this annoying sound. Of course, it’s a helpful last minute reminder to replace smoke detector batteries. Much like the squealing our brake pads make if you are like me and lose track of brakes, tires and such. Boulder CO real estate owners need to remember: change the batteries annually in your smoke detectors.

I’m sure there are some of you out there that religiously rotate you tires. My hat is off to you! For myself, I have found there are some life hacks I can employ. When getting your Boulder home for sale, that’s a good time to change the batteries for sure. IMHO annoying chirps during a home inspection scream Buyer beware, there could be some deferred easy maintenance here.

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Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

I’ve seen Boulder house owners use a hanging shoe rack on an interior closet door to store house hold cleaning supplies. Pretty clever. And frequently Boulder Real Estate agents will remind first time home buyers to change your furnace filter every time you make a home mortgage payment. This one is a great way to accomplish two goals. Clean air and a longer life to your furnace and air conditioning units.

With the prevalence of online calendar apps, why not place a reminder for yourself when you replace smoke detector batteries? Once the task is done, take 30 seconds and set a reminder for eleven to twelve months from now. This way, you’ll always have fresh batteries protecting you and your loved ones. And no more annoying midnight chirping!

Two great ideas for cords – paper towel rolls make a great way to store the cords and keep from tangling. Also, consider a label maker – then as you get new cords, immediately label. This way you’ll never forget which cord goes to which device!

Remember To Replace Smoke Detector Batteries, It Could Save Your Life!

Whether you have a Colorado log cabin for sale or a modern contemporary Boulder loft, its important to have fresh batteries in smoke detectors.

And it only takes moments to change the batteries. My wife and I made a fifteen minute task this Saturday. I of course was on ladder duty. She disposed of the spent batteries.

Take the extra step to recycle your batteries – its great for the environment.

Living in Boulder CO: 8 Smart Annual Maintenance Suggestions

Detach garden houses before first freeze. In Colorado attached hoses can break water pipes.
Smart annual home safety suggestion: Clean your dryer vent. Nearly 3,000 fires start annually from lint combusting. Have a professional service clean dryer vent annually.
Clean your furnace and air conditioner annually. Efficient appliances cost less to operate and last longer.
Get a cat to eliminate mice. Okay, seriously, just checking if you are reading – if you do have a rodent issue, address it quickly.
A Longmont realestate client suggests, “have your windows cleaned professionally each Spring. Brings more light inside and creates a superb view out.
In the Fall, wrap young trees and water on occasion during the winter months on warm days. In Spring, un-stake trees after the year.
Be sure to annually replace smoke detector batteries. Check your carbon monoxide detectors. Little things like this have a big impact on safety.
Deep clean your basement once a year. Basements tend to be forgotten spaces. Don’t let yours become a catch all for junk and dirt.
Bonus # 9 Suggestion: Snake your sewer line. Grime can build up. Older homes (Boulder Colorado has a lot of older homes) frequently have clay pipes and its common for tree roots to enter such sewer lines. Annual cleaning will get rid of roots and extend the functional life of your sewer line. Its a big expense to replace, but a small cost to maintain.
Eight Annual Home Chores

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