Residential Home Safety

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Have a handy list of emergency phone numbers inside your home for personal and residential home safety


Social Media Connection

Sometimes, our actions truly speak louder than words.   When it comes to residential home safety, we may be doing all the right things, and then forget what we are saying, especially on social media.  Specifically , three amigos put together a not-so-humorous site called, Please Rob Me.  The site takes existing live time data from Twitter, Foursquare (and other location sharing sites) and then streams out that data based upon location.  That’s right – using social websites can actually place you and your residential home safety at risk by telling the world when you are not at home!

Recycle That Trash

Erstwhile thieves are known to drive neighborhoods on trash day, looking for boxes.    Its an easy way to see what you received.  Be careful to break down boxes.  We all love the new toys that can arrive on holidays and special occasions.  Protect your residential home safety by breaking down boxes. Doing so will conceal the nature of the newest additions to your house. 

A Tool for every Task and a Place for every Tool

It might surprise you, but many thefts are crimes of opportunity.  Be smart. Put away tools such as ladders.  A thief who sees a handy ladder unattended in your yard may use to access an upper level window.  No ladder? No easy crime and you just improved your residential home safety

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Close and lock doors when not in use. Don’t create a crime of opportunity for a would be thief

And speaking of windows, be sure to close and lock all windows and doors when not in use (and especially when no one is home).   The easiest crime to commit is one where owners leave a ground floor window open or windows unlocked.  We add boards in the gap between our sliding glass door and the wall to improve residential home safety and so can you.

Light It Up

A few minutes prevention can be money well spent when it comes to residential home safety.  Consider having a handyman (or DIY) install motion sensors on your outdoor lights.  This way, you can save money and energy (good for our planet) and have lights that turn on automatically when someone walks by.  Bright sudden lighting can scare off a would be thief, adding to your residential home safety.

An Ounce of Prevention

A degree of Feng Shui frequently comes into play when setting up your new home.   Be certain there is not a mirror reflecting the status of your alarm system.  Many times owners will leave the security system off and a thief can see the status by looking through a window and/or mirror — seeing it is disarmed in the reflection. 

Shovel The Snow and Mow The Lawn

Traveling?  Ask a neighbor to shovel your walk free of snow in the winter or retain a lawn service to keep your landscaping looking beautiful.   Residential home safety is often as simple as keeping your home looking like it is actively lived in.  Consider leaving a few lights on timers.

Crime By Appointment

One of the scariest and newest trends in theft: robbery by appointment.  Use caution when selling items by Craigslist or other online sites.  Thieves are now coming to people’s homes, with an appointment to buy an unwanted item, and then stealing it and fleeing.   Meeting in a public space, such as an office or coffee shop is a good idea. You may even want to meet near a police station if the item you are selling is truly valuable and portable. 

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Regularly trimming shrubs near your home is great for curb appeal and residential home safety.


Your Hidden Key is not so Hidden When It Comes To Residential Home Safety

The key under the mat or on top of the light fixture? It is plenty out of sight for neighbors, but not so hidden for someone intent on illegally entering your property.  Get a lock box for peace of mind and true residential home security.  Leaving a key in a “hiding spot” is just an invitation to be robbed by a determined thief.

Be Cautious Of Random Visitors

Door to door canvassers and unexpected utility people can actually be thieves seeking an invite to your property.  Warn children never to allow a stranger inside the house.  And be wary of a nice person who just needs to use your bathroom.

# 1 Overlooked Traveling Suggestion

Believe it or not, you can (and should) contact the local police department before going on vacation.  Let the police department know you’ll be out of town.  This could result in increased patrols near your home as well as a heightened awareness by the officers to potential maleficence. 

And My Last Residential Home Safety Tip

Have a written list of emergency numbers inside your home.  In the event of an emergency, dial 911. But what if you need poison control? Or have a complaint for a noisy neighbor?  Having the right information is helpful.  Many children today are great at using the internet. But, take it away and those same kids have never cracked open a phone book. Don’t wait for an emergency, be prepared for the worst and improve your residential home safety today!

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