Rich Sands’ RRC Creating Listing Abundance

Continuing Education Is Key To Real Estate Success

I firmly believe this.  More education is better.   In society, engineers, doctors and attorneys, nurses, health care people and scientists all embrace additional education to be the best they can be.  Realtors creating listing abundance or simply seeking to better serve their clientele are going to find this Residential real estate council (RRC) program highly valuable.  

A bit of housekeeping as I get started.  I’m Bob Gordon Realtor Boulder Colorado. 

This post though geared toward my fellow real estate professionals, is still a good read for customers researching an agent.  After all, part of what sets me apart from my competition is my extensive continuing education and pursuit of knowledge.  If you are thinking about hiring me as an agent – read on. 

Creating Listing Abundance is one of the elective education courses I took to be the best Boulder Realtor possible. 

I’ve filmed a GREEN designation two day course plus completed the Certified Residential Specialist and Accredited Buyer designations.  And I’ve taken a good deal of sales oriented seminars. All to be the best possible agent for my clients.

crs instructor rich sands teaching creating listing abundance course and visual recommending two books and giant pad of paper on an easel with a list of activities
CRS Instructor Rich Sands teaching at The Boulder Area Realtor Association.

Rich Sands Seminars Rocks Colorado

rich sands crs head shotIf you get the opportunity to take a course with Rich Sands, I highly recommend it.  Rich wrote and taught the class – sort of like having a Hollywood Writer, Director, Producer in the room.  I think this was only the second time he had taught the course before a live audience.  Rich exudes confidence, has great stories, is memorable and really knows his stuff. 

This is the second CRS course I’ve taken with Rich in as many years.  Previously he taught Converting Leads Into Closings a couple years ago over in Broomfield.  And I have to say, in both classes: lots of good ideas and strong follow up! He is a great CRS instructor.

Room To Improve

When I read online reviews, I always jump to the negative first.  If the reviews are for a hotel room and its things harmless, such as: check in was slow, maid service wasn’t the fastest, they ran out of beach towels – it doesn’t worry me.  Conversely, if I start reading about bed bugs and uncleanliness and it was so bad the writer change hotels – well, I’m not staying there, no matter the price.  You know what I mean?

So my criticism would be on pace and engagement.  I thought the beginning and middle of the course had a nice pace. And lots of class involvement.   But the last little chunk of material was a just a bit rushed. 

I’m sure as RRC continues to roll out this course the delivery will get more balanced throughout.  Because like a listing appointment, sometimes the first thing you say and the last thing can have a big impact on a client’s decision to work together. 

I Definitely Recommend Creating Listing Abundance!

I really enjoyed this course.   This would be my Five Star portion of the review!

  • First, because I learned a lot of great ideas I can immediately translate into improving my real estate practice.  Ideas I can implement to be a better Realtor to clients.  And more organized so that the agent on the other side of the transaction is fired up to be working with me.  Inside Tip: when agents know, like and trust one another, it does make for smoother transactions.  Not everyone is fun to work with. 
  • The second thing I liked is that I was far from the agent with the most experience.  I’ve been selling homes since 1995.  This was much more than the three newbies in the room with less than a year.  But not nearly as much as the back row where there were agents with 30, 39 and 41 years experience.  Bottom line: you are never too old to be creating listing abundance in your career.

And its always good feedback to be at a class with smarter, more experienced people!  

five yellow stars with dots on a white back ground words five star review

Best Practices and Ideas

Going forward, I’m going to continue doing some of the same things I’ve been hammering away at: blogging, social media engagement, talking to clients.    And I’ll be adding a stronger pre-listing packet.  This is definitely an expectation of home selling clients today.  One of my favorite parts of the Certified Residential Specialist course was when we broke up into groups and discussed what needs to be in that pre-listing package.  

Students can expect great class participation, at least for the first 3/4’s of the class!

Best New Terminology

Credit here goes to the mortgage lender, Alison Kadans with Wells Fargo.  She used the term, “Departure Residence” to describe the house an owner may be selling as part of a two-part strategy to purchase a new home.

Best Meal

Realtors are always getting free food. Ha Ha, it seems to be part of the career.  We had two meals with the class. Alison brought us breakfast burritos and Julia Lazartic at Heritage Title Company brought in lunch.  I’m going with a solid tie here.

Best Connection

During the first hour of the course on creating listing abundance and better serving clients, there was a good deal of time spent on mindset.  I couldn’t help but notice the connection to Ninja.  Agents, I strongly suggest you take the Ninja selling course offered by Larry Kendall up in Fort Collins.   There were some strong crossover references to that program.  Reminders for me to keep doing all the good behaviors I’ve been learning the last few years.  

Top 3 Class Ideas to Implement in 2020

  1. Creating listing abundance starts with good systems.  You know, I knew this going in.  Yet such a timely reminder that I can always be a better organized real estate professional.
  2. Orient my business more towards working toward new Seller connections versus Buyer leads.  I enjoy helping both buyers and home sellers.  Aligning my job growth with more Boulder home sellers is going to be a smart move to implement this year!
  3. Video killed the radio star.  The statistics about video are out of this world.  Rich suggested just in 2019, there were billions of hours of video content created.  I like being in front of the camera and need to get better about this on a regular basis.

That’s it.  If you are a CRS Realtor please leave a comment.  I’d like to build a personal connection so we can stay in touch and refer clients to one another.  If you are home owner, give me a shout – I’m super excited from this course to get to work selling your house.  Thanks for checking out my blog today.  And of course, I’m interested in hearing what real estate courses you suggest — so plese leave a comment today.


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