Rock Creek Playgrounds

Hey kids, your parents are thinking about living in Rock Creek.   What’s in it for you? Well, there are some great playgrounds and places to play.  Here are a few I found just the other day.

The Web, a three dimensional play structure for climbing at SES, Rock Creek, Colorado
The Web

The Web is located behind the Superior Elementary School.  It looks like a ton of fun for climbing on, over and all around.  There were all sorts of fun playgrounds scattered about the school, so if you are attending this one, could be fun during recess.

There is a skate park by one of the swimming pools.   Good chance to practice some tricks you learned while playing Tony Hawks video games. Hopefully Dad won’t try to bust a move here in front of all your friends.  There is also a really cool skate park as part of the Louisville Recreation Center just over Hwy 36.

There is a flat out fantastic play area behind the Safeway where Mom will be shopping all the time.  This play area has something for everyone with several different age appropriate play islands. Plus, when the older siblings are doing baseball/football, this is where you can hang out and have a lot of fun.

looking across a field, there are three people on a bench in the foreground. Beyond, there is a playground and then an office building
Spacious Parks
Play structures, one with letters in a grid
Play islands behind the Safeway


Towards the front of Rock Creek there are some gorgeous ponds to walk around (yawn). Fortunately, the planners of this community knew it would be really important to offer a playground here as well.  Rock Creek is a really kid-friendly place, so there are tons of new friendships to be made and many neighbors even have swing sets in the backyard.

a fun play structure in a circular area with green slides
Tennis Court play area at North Pool
A climbing wall for little tykes at Superior Elementary School, Rock Creek
Climbing Wall at SES


Oh, and during the summer? There are two swimming pools in the community.   The North Pool has a cool looking playground plus tennis courts.  Spend the afternoon entertaining yourself at the pool or watching your little brother/sister at the playground while Mom & Dad smash little yellow balls at each other.  Sounds fun, huh.  Rock Creek might be a pretty good place to let Mom & Dad buy a house.

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