Rock Creek Superior Parks and Recreation December

Home is more than just a house. It is where we live, love, laugh and play. Rock Creek is a community with play in mind.  There is a fantastic walking pathsystem throughout the community. You’ll see soccer moms with strollers, kids and parents on foot, bikes, roller blades.  There are dogs too, usually with their owners, all enjoying the path system.  And the paths lead to great things.

Art; boys and girls doing a handstand, jumping, having fun. This art is at the entry to Rock Creek. It is cast metal, bronze I think
Rock Creek Art

There is a full size basketball court with ample parking and large round globes for onlookers to sit upon or children to play with as dads get some exercise.  The spheres also do a good job of separating parking lot from playing surface.

Down the street and just behind the Safeway shopping center, you’ll find a large sports complex.  There is something for everyone in the family here.  Kids of all ages are going to love the playground.  There is also a picnic shelter, bathrooms and ball fields.  Rock Creek has Stewart and Scanlan Baseball Fields.  These two baseball fields are the real deal, with the far wall about 320 yards out.  Each field is lit and has an infield area and a green grass outfield.  There is ample seating for visitors to watch the games.  Next to this is Williams Sports Field — an artificial turf sports field. It is marked every ten yards for football and also has soccer goals.  The fields are located at 1350 Coalton Road, Superior, Co 80027.

Williams Field: artificial sports turf field at Rock Creek
Williams Sport Field
tennis courts; a field of green surrounding blue courts. The area is fenced in and has lighting. At Rock Creek.
Tennis Courts at North Pool, Rock Creek
Two large spheres in the foreground, then a bench and a basketball court. In the background are the Rocky Mountains
Basketball court, Rock Creek

In the mood for tennis? There are four courts in Rock Creek. On Sunday when I visited, the YMCA of Boulder was operating a tennis clinic. The tennis courts are located next to one of Rock Creek’s two swimming pools.  The outdoor pools are a big hit in Colorado’s dry warm summers.  The second swimming pool is located next to a small skate park.

Rock Creek open space; there is a parent and two smaller children walkinga long a path, surrounded by golden rolling fields. In the near background is a housing subdivision and beyond that, the Rocky Mountains
Rock Creek Open Space

There is a playground with outdoor bar-b-q’s near the tennis courts, so children can stay entertained while adults get in a workout.  Rock Creek also has a sand volleyball court.  Nearby are the Coalton Creek and Rock Creek Regional Trail Systems.  From Coalton Creek, mountain bikers can expect a solid workout as they pedal miles of trails, some of which connect to Boulder.


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Rock Creek is a great place to play and a great place to call home.

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Rock Creek hiking at Coalton Trailhead and Rock Creek  Trail

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