Roll Through Downtown Erie Co

Erie is a gorgeous little Colorado town. Not so little maybe these days. When I first started in real estate, this community had dirt streets. Oh, how downtown Erie Co has grown up since those days. And LOL, that was only back in 1995. Join me as we roll through town on a quick video tour of the area.

What’s Happening Around Erie Today

There is a very strong business association for the community. Their website lists all sorts of helpful information. Be sure to check it out. Since writing this blog/filming the video, I’ve started meeting business partners at the coffee shop. It’s a great spot and never overly crowded. That is, you can almost always find a table without feeling overwhelmed from the crowd.

Humble Beginnings In Mid 1870’s

The town owes its name to Erie County, Pennsylvania. Not because it was settled from that part of the country. No, the first settlers were actually from Illinois. Not the kind of factoid you would expect. Back then the biggest draw was coal mining. There are still strong reminders of this mining culture scattered about the downtown Erie Co area. Things like an old mining car on tracks.

Later, we started seeing farming. Especially wheat and corn, in the vast fertile fields that made up the community. Alas those farms are now growing into vast subdivisions. Especially as the older generation of farmers retire and their adult children have not interest in becoming farmers themselves.

Don’t Be Surprised To See A Tiger In Downtown Erie Co

Well, okay, you should be very surprised if you see a tiger on all fours anywhere outside of a zoo around Colorado. But don’t be surprised if you see the mascot for Erie High School or students sporting varsity jackets with their beloved Tiger emblem.

There are over 32,000 students in the St. Vrain Valley School District. This spans from Lyons/Longmont to Erie and further north. It is considered a very good school district, though inferior to BVSD. Erie has some unique features, one being the now defunct cycling pavilion that was built for training on single gear bikes.

Where To Live Outside of Downtown Erie Co

Looking to make the move to this region? Give me a call/text/email. Helping new clients find the perfect new construction home is what I do. Of course, you can also start your search online. There are some great communities to call home, such as Collier’s Hill with it’s extensive master planning in place.

Or the already built Vista Ridge, home to one of the best Fireworks shows in the area. Every 4th of July, fans take over the fairways of the local golf course. The car traffic can be a little overwhelming, so if you are taking the family, Go Early!

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