Rosetta Hall Food Hall

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Back in the late seventies, Mom and Dad took us kids to the East Coast.  I think there must have been a college reunion for one or both of my parents.  We visited a number of East coast spots and Boston made a huge impression upon me.  I nearly wound up there for college and life.

I remember visiting Nathanial Hall.  At the time, I thought it was going to be another drafty Revolutionary War monument.  Instead, it turned out to be this marvelous food court with a variety of incredible dining treats available. Making the biggest impression on me was Steve’s Ice Cream where they would mix in fixings of your choice to your ice cream selection.  That was fantastic.   Long before Ben & Jerry’s and the mecca of ice cream choices available at the supermarket these days.

fork and knife in foreground held by realtor bob gordon with the rosetta hall food hall blurry in background
Delicious dining awaits at the Rosetta Food Hall in Beautiful Boulder Colorado

I still fondly remember it like it was yesterday.  

Speaking of yesterday, my wife and I visited Rosetta Hall in downtown Boulder Colorado.  It is one of the newest food halls to open this side of the Rockies.   I love it from the moment we entered and I think you’ll be delighted too.

While at first glance it appears to be ten individual eateries, I believe it is one company – Rosetta Hall – operating ten individual Chef concepts.  There is everything from a coffee bar to a fully stocked bar with a plethora of cocktails to be had.  And the ten restaurants share more than the same physical equipment and spaces.  I’m pretty certain all ten spaces are part of the overall Rosetta Hall company.

But these are not interchangeable cogs on a wheel.  We tried Thai flavored green beans, French potatoes with a lovely sauce and gingered infused Brussels sprouts, each from a different kitchen within the food hall.

And each dis was freshly prepared, robust with flavors and reasonably priced for the experience.

Couples Families and Business Associates

There was a little bit of everyone dining in Rosetta Hall on our midweek visit.  Noticed one young couple in love sharing lunch and a perch on the steps ~ almost as if they were dining near the Trevi Fountain in Rome.  Another long table was home to several groups seated side by side. There was clearly a group of Techie net designers.  You know, dressed in jeans and checkered button downs and the ubiquitous out of date corduroys. 

And just next to these young folks, a much older couple sharing a bite before returning to shopping and strolling the Pearl Street Mall.   There was even a mom with her new little bundle of joy plus grandma in tow.   In other words, the place to speaks to just about everyone. 

Where is Rosetta Hall Located? 

The modern day take on the food court is located in the former location of The Foundry.  It’s next door to the The Rio Grande and pretty much across the street from a city of Boulder parking garage.   There is a rooftop space – I’ll check that out when its not wintertime!  

  • 1109 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80304

I like this new dining concept.  Am wondering if Food Truck parties like we have around here in the summers will stay the rage? 

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