Sagamore homes tucked behind Costco

entry way sign to Sagamore homes subdivision
Sagamore Superior Subdivision Sign

Where are Sagamore Homes located?

Conveniently located just behind the Costco off US-36 is where you’ll find the beautiful Sagamore homes subdivision in Superior, Colorado.

Unfortunately, this community fell victim to the terrible Marshall Fire.   The community will rebuild and be wonderful once more.  I have a new blog on rebuilding after the Marshall fire.  My heart goes out to those in our community who lost their homes in this terrible tragedy.

Situated between Boulder on the West and Interlocken Technology Park and Flatiron Crossing on the East it creates a location close to the city of Boulder.  A blend of modern single family homs yet strongly influenced by the natural beauty of a mountain town.

The community has a population of less than 500.  81% of the community are homeowners; Sagamore is a perfect place to meet long-lasting, trustworthy neighbors.

Getting outside in Sagamore

Hidden playground in Sagamore, subdivision of Superior, CO
Hidden playground tucked away inside the Sagamore subdivision.

The community views itself as being very active as it backs up to open space filled with creeks and trails perfect for exploring as well as being just minutes from the Flatirons.

Within the subdivision are hidden public playgrounds and benches perfect for enjoying Colorado’s beautiful, sunny weather with your family. Enjoy 300 days of sunshine annually.  Just outside the subdivision is Founder’s park.  It’s the perfect place for taking a stroll with a friend, watching a local baseball game, or enjoy a game of pick up soccer.

Exploring the Sagamore homes subdivision, it feels like a safe and friendly community with great walkability of the area.

Sagamore Family life

In addition to being active, this community is also very family and dog oriented. Simply by driving through Sagamore you will spot bikes in the front yard.  Plenty of households boast basketball hoops in the driveways.  And everywhere I look,  I spot beloved dogs being walked.

 Sagamore Homes

Each home has a unique touch to the exterior landscaping and design, demonstrating how Sagamore’s community supports the individual as much as the sense of community.

With all square footage above ground, Sagamore homes leave no unfinished space wasted in dark basements.

Education in Sagamore Superior

Being located within Boulder County there is no lack of employment, nor educational opportunities. Boulder Valley School District is one of the top three in the state offering Superior Elementary (K-5) and Eldorado (K-8).

Sagamore Amenities

Besides being backed up to Boulder County’s open space and abundance of trails, the neighborhood is a two minute walk  to the Superior Market Center. The Market Center is filled with everything from food to personal shopping to home improvement to specialists and even a party supply shop. Wayne’s Smoke Shack is some BBQ that should not be missed out on! 

There is a Chuckie Cheese for kids, Sears, Whole Foods (read about all the natural grocery options in the area), gas station and more.    Just across Hwy 36 is the local movie theater and more shopping/dining as well as Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Residents in Sagamore Homes subdivision can use the Louisville public library as well as the recreation centers.