Scott Carpenter Park Summertime

Rocket Man

Friendship 7, the first manned spacecraft launched by America carries John Glenn to space.  On the ground, his back up pilot Scott Carpenter famously states, “Godspeed, John Glenn.”

Scott Carpenter lives forever in Boulder, embodied by this popular rocket park
Scott Carpenter Park, Boulder Colorado aka The Rocket Park

Shortly thereafter, Scott Carpenter will rocket to space, the 4th American to achieve this exclusive club membership.  He will fly atop a Mercury-Atlas rocket.  His spacecraft is named Aurora-7 — locally one wonders, did he name his spaceship for the neighborhood in Boulder?

Less famously, Scott Carpenter is also rumored to have sarcastically said at the launch of John Glenn’s craft: “Remember, John, this was built by the low bidder.”

Swimming Pool

Scott Carpenter will live forever in Boulder Colorado.  His name today is synonymous with the city’s only 50 meter swimming pool, a sledding hotspot and a great playground.   The fifty meter pool is a favorite of athletes and local swim teams.  There are diving boards and a fun slide as well. Every Fall the pool goes to the dogs at the end of the summer season.  Cost is $5 per dog.

Until then, it is a great swimming pool for children (and adults) of all ages.

Spaceship sighted in Boulder

Famously located at Scott Carpenter Park is a three story tall rocket ship.  Children love the play structure.  Ladders for climbing up and down through multiple levels and a slide back to the ground adorn this beloved Boulder playground.

boulder real estate news rocket park
To infinity and beyond

Renovated several years ago, the park offers a wide variety of space based play structures.  There are also an intriguing set of metallic disks as you enter the playground.  The disks echo and pass whispers back and forth.

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Amazing sculpture echo discs as you enter Scott Carpenter playground

Try and get a child to stand still long enough to find out though, with a looming rocket, boys and girls of all ages race off to space adventures above and beyond.

Sledding Hill Boulder

In the winter, Scott Carpenter park comes alive as a popular sledding hill.  This little hill might not look like much, but it is a super popular spot.  The hill is popular on snow days, allowing sledders enough slope to gain some speed, but not so much as to scare Mom and Dad.

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The view at Scott Carpenter Park
Rocket Park Boulder Colorado
Rocket Park Boulder Colorado

Boulder Skate Park

Also located at Scott Carpenter Park is the Boulder Skate Park.  Great set of bowls for beginners to experts to grind, fly, hop and skate.  Safely watch from outside the fence or grab your board, bike, blades or scooter and give it a try for yourself.

Scott Carpenter Park in a nutshell

The park offers something for everyone.  Great playground to keep little ones excited and scrambling about.  A fifty meter swimming pool for the athletic warrior.  Killer Boulder skate park and a great sledding hill. Plus there is a softball field at Scott Carpenter Park and the Boulder Creek path meanders by as well.  Walking distance to 29th Street shopping area and nearby Gold Run condos.  A fun park 365.

boulder skate park
Boulder skate park
bob gordon realtor boulder colorado skate park
The Boulder Skate Park at Scott Carpenter Park. Relax, there is a fire station and EMT next door. Seriously.
rocket park boulder colorado
The Rocket Park, Boulder Colorado


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