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The Best Ones Are Off The Market

Dating or buying a home, it seems one universal truth exists: the best ones are off the market quickly.  So when it comes time to get your place on the market, you want a Realtor that is going to sell house fast in Boulder.

Price + Presentation + Marketing Will Sell House Fast

There are three main target areas to create a successful sale.  These are:

  • Price
  • Marketing
  • Presentation

Each factor is important.  For instance, having a great price will make the phone ring, but if buyers cannot enter the house due to showing restrictions, or if the home is a disaster/hoarding mess, offers might not be forthcoming.  In order to successfully sell house fast, you need all three: presentation, marketing and price.

Pricing To Sell

Researching the price is important.  I work to create a recommended range to successfully sell house fast on the market.  On the surface, sellers see a higher starting point as a better $ return.  Sometimes, having a better (lower)  initial price can create a more attractive price point and ultimately better results. For instance, listing below value in a Seller’s Market can create a bidding war where the home subsequently sells at a much higher price point. This happened quite a bit in 2013.

May I present 123 ABC street

Presentation is about making the house shine. I’ve blogged previously on this important component to sell house fast.   Removing clutter is one part. Creating a staged atmosphere within the house to best show off the home rather than your belongings is another factor.  Winter or Spring, keeping in mind the best tips for showings is important.   You may even want to hold a garage sale to pare down belongings.  

Remarkable Marketing Starts With

Marketing is where a good Realtor shines.   It all starts with great photography.   You’ve seen pictures on  Zillow – dark interiors, hard to see rooms. You know the agent just ran through with a handheld camera.  Then there are brokers who want to sell house fast and for top dollar. Like me.  

We hire the best photographers out there to make your home shine.  We move items off counter tops to get the best picture.  We show your home in the best light – literally, using professional flashes as if your house were being photographed by a wedding photographer. 

To sell house fast, I create fantastic print marketing pieces, top quality online web listings and shareable social media items.  My signs are one of a kind.  My open houses generate big turnouts.  I believe in selling houses at open houses.  My goal when listing your property? Sell house fast for top dollar.  Give me a call today!

Bob Gordon Realtor
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