Selling a home Martin Acres

Beautiful Boulder Community

Selling a home Martin Acres house is the hot ticket these days. 

Because of demographics and price point, it is now a centrally located, budget friendly option.  

Boulder home sellers are happily surprised at real estate values in Martin Acres.  And home owners appreciate the shift from rentals to owner occupancy. 

When selling a home Martin Acres property plan for a significantly higher price point because an area long overlooked is now “the hot spot.”

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Martin Acres got its start as a post-World War II subdivision, above all to meet the rising tide of demand as GI’s flooded back into the region.   

This Martin Acres home started as a simple ranch style layout before a major renovation changed it forever.

From such humble beginnings we zip to the present.  Martin Acres is a centrally located community.  Great Alt-transportation options abound.  For instance, Biker friendly streets with dedicated bike lanes. Access to the beloved bike path.  RTD bus service right through the community.

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All of this plays into marketing and selling a home Martin Acres these days.  If you suddenly have an idea of me pictured on a bus bench, hold your horses!  Dominating a neighborhood today starts online.  Not on a bench!

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Being the ultimate agent for a community these days does not mean having my face plastered on every bus bench around town.  Digital dominance drives eyeballs and dollars to home sales in today’s age.

Martin Acre Boundaries

This neighborhood is roughly bounded by Broadway to the west, Hwy 36 to the east, Table Mesa to the south and Baseline to the north. 

Excellent connections to the Boulder bike path system abound.  When selling a home Martin Acres nestled in the center of the community, buyers will appreciate how quiet the area is. 

Too often, folks think of the louder edge sandwiched between Hwy 36 and Moorhead.  And even then, that strip of housing is actually very popular with investors.  Selling a home Martin Acres backing to 36 you will find plenty of investors seeking what you have.   My job is to pair smart investment dollars with wise home owners. For a win-win.

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Great Shopping Options When Buying Selling a Home Martin Acres

Just north of the 1300 home community community is the shopping area featuring Noodles, a Fedex/Kinkos, popular coffee shop The Brewing Market, some fast food and more.  To the southwest you’ll find a state of the art King Soopers and the brand new Lucky’s Market.  Both are excellent grocery shopping experiences.  

There is also a convenient postal office on the south side of the subdivision.

Hi-Mar Station US Post Office

So named for the two neighborhoods it originally served.  Highland Park and Martin Acres.  Highland Park was actually the first of the two communities developed, with Billy Martin’s fields being transformed into today’s iconic Martin Acres.

A Glance At Statistics For Selling A Home Martin Acres

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Martin Park Boulder

Community pocket park featuring a children’s playground, public restrooms, picnic shelter with charcoal grill stations.   Tennis courts, ball fields and a community library.   RTD stop nearby as well as easy access to the Boulder Bike path system.   The past couple of summers there has been yoga in the park, with onsite baby sitting available. 

I like that the park is near the creek so you can take kids down to explore along the waters’ edge. 

Tasteful exterior changes on this ranch style home
Can you imagine jumping onto the bike path just steps from you neighborhood!
This house and carport are nicely situated on a corn lot.

Creekside Elementary School

Find a home by searching for people selling a home martin acres elementary school.  This is a great neighborhood school filled with caring teachers.  Students are rewarded for following a philosophy of LEAP behavior – Leadership, Empathy, Accountability, and Pride.  

This is a beautifully diverse and vibrant learning environment.  After school programming available.  According to the website, there are 328 students with an average ratio of 15 students to one teacher.  About a third of the attending students qualify for free or reduced price lunch. 

The median income for families with a child attending Creekside Elementary in Boulder Colorado is just a tad north of $68,000.   Niche gives the school and overall grade rating of A+.  Similar schools in the area include:

  • Whittier Elementary School
  • Community Montessori School
  • Crest View Elementary School
  • Birch Elementary School

Cannon Design 

Creekside is set up into three learning spaces – studios.   These all surround a central area.  There is a cafe type space designed to encourage students and teachers to engage with one another.  This lovely school engages hearts and minds with a mix of colorful open spaces.  Even functional elements such as the central staircase serve a dual purpose giving the community space to connect.  

The Boulder elementary school is 52,000 square feet indoors.  It is built to the LEED Platinum standard.  The students attending come from 45 different countries.   This really is a microcosm of Boulder with its divers social, economic and ethnicity diversity.  

The redesigned school opened in the Fall of 2017.  It was funded in part through a $576.5 million dollar bond issue.   

Parents Adore Neighborhood School

One of the driving factors for home values: good schools.  And parents buying or selling a home Martin Acres know this a great benefit.  Great leadership and fantastic teachers are at the heart and soul of the school.  Parents rave about the opportunities their children have attending.  

The school offers Pre-K opportunities. 

Unusual Fact: In the Fall of 2018, the school was briefly placed on “Lockout” meaning students continue with classes but are not allowed outdoors.  The reason? Two bears were spotted in the vicinity.  Its common to see deer and raptors around Boulder, but bears rarely come down into populated areas like Martin Acres. 

city lot in martin acres is forested and looks like a home back in the woods

stucco two story martin acres house

martin acres ranch style home
Typical ranch layout in Martin Acres. Notice the garage has been converted to living space

Historic Preservation

Aging is a funny thing.  Because when you think about it, “Post WW II” is 75 years later.   I don’t consider Martin Acres a particularly special neighborhood.  For instance, lot layouts do not take advantage of mountain views.  The streets tend to be quite linear.  The houses are traditional Fifties layouts: Ranch, Bi-Level, Tri-level.   But because of a Boulder ordinance, this community is considered historic.

All the houses are more than 50 years old.   In other words: historic.   This has implications for home buyers contemplating renovations.  Be sure to research limitations for expanding a home based upon building codes and/or historic preservation.

Those original homesteaders were using the GI Bill, getting into these new $13,000 homes with no money down, just closing costs.  Mortgages would have been less than $90 a month.  While it costs a bit more today, its nonetheless an awesome place to call home.

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Martin Acres Neighborhood Association

Since the late seventies, the community has been home to a strong association with great programing.  Check out the official website, mailing address is P.O. Box 3514, Boulder, Colorado 80307.  When selling a home Martin Acres you will want to get the latest information available for potential home buyers.  This is one of the services I provide when listing your home for sale.  Buyers really enjoy knowing all the great things a community offers.  Special events in Martin Acres include:

  • Garage Sales
  • EGGStravaganza
  • Annual “Brunch of Brunch” event (1st week of the new year)
  • Pancake breakfast [Saturday September 7th, 2019, 8 am – see you there!]
  • and more. Get involved, attend a Steering Committee meeting (these occur frequently).

Buying Or Selling a Martin Acres Home

Contact me – Bob Gordon – to find your dream home today.  Thanks for checking out my blog.  Additional neighborhood posts I’ve written cover shopping in North Boulder, living near Pearl Street Mall, and Boulder’s Chautuaqua area. Or just give me a call 303-443-3334 to get your home listed today. Thank you for checking out my blog and please leave a comment.

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