Sharing Home With Parents And Adult Children

Do Your Parents Still Have Your Childhood Home?

I’m not in that category. The house my son would most likely identify with as his childhood home – I sold a few years back to be in a different part of Boulder County. It’s been a good move for me, but I feel a little guilty sometimes. What about you? Do you own the house your children grew up? Or do your parents still own your childhood home?

I’ve personally assisted a number of families with buying a home for this very purpose. Recently clients of mine relocated from Georgia to Denver, Colorado. The goal? To be close to their daughter and grandchildren. More than ever before, its common to see parents sell a house and move to be near grown children.

would it make any difference for you living in a condo or single family home when it comes to sharing your space with a parent as an adult?

Where would you fall on this question? As an adult child, would you want your parents to move in near you? How close would be too close?

A neighbor down the street owns a Richmond American housed designed to really accommodate parents. That floor plan provides a semi-autonomous apartment attached to the main home, replete with it’s own front door. This way, parents are right next door and in the house simultaneously.

That might be a little too close for me!

Boomerang Kids

What about the idea of your adult children moving back into your house? Would that fly? It has been trending enough to even have it’s own little terminology.

Children go off into the world but then purposefully move back in with Mom & Dad. Upside – you might get to see your kids more often. Downside, you are going to trade away all your privacy.

I think the hardest part of this for my family would be the extra mess. My wife already only just puts up with the messes I create. I don’t think she could handle my son deciding to call our house home. I know she wouldn’t be thrilled if he brought his four cats and dog along with him!

Would you trade your peace and quiet for having your adult children back in the house?

Similar But Different: Parents Moving In With Kids

I wrote above about a duplex type arrangement. But how about one or both parents moving into you house? While I would think I would love to have my Mom make that move, I think the temperature differential would be a deal breaker.

Here’s what I mean. whenever I go back home, I always pack shorts and T-Shirts for indoors. Mom likes to keep it warm, in the seventies, beach weather. By contrast, my wife likes to keep our house on the cool side. So I wear a lot of sweaters and sweatshirts around.

Temperature preferences aside, a parent moving in with adult children can be a good strategy. Especially in lieu of assisted care options. Do your parents live with you? What’s the best part?

Have The Money Conversation

Whether a parent is moving in or the kids are coming back, do yourself a favor and discuss the financial arrangement early on. Talk about animals. Have the difficult conversations before your housing arrangement changes.

Talk about animals before your kids move back home!

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