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Breakfast menu, coffee cup and spoon on a table at Snooze
Snooze Menu

Snooze  is an awesome Boulder eatery on Pearl Street. With Denver roots, this local breakfast spot has grown to six metro locations.  On weekends, be prepared to wait in line at this hopping bistro.  Yet, for those willing to wait, the breakfast is absolutely delicious.

Snooze Boulder Breakfast Delivers The Goods

There are a wide variety of Eggs Benedict creations to select from.  And in fantastic pancake creations. Our favorite is the “Secret pancake.” It has never really been on the Boulder menu – having been created at the original downtown Denver location.  With Crème vanilla, cinnamon sugar butter and toasted pecans,  it is out of this world.  You can have a flight of pancakes or order a solo hotcake to share around the table.

Secret pancake (not on the menu) at Snooze
Breakfast pancaek
3 egg omelet with sausage, carmelized onions and spinach, hashbrowns and tortilla
Breakfast at Snooze








Like your eggs a certain way? Snooze will cook up an omelet or 3 egg scramble with your choice of toppings. Today I had Sausage, caramelized onions and spinach.   Pretty healthy … until you consider I started off with the sinful pancake.  Our waitress Sara brought us oodles of hot sauces to enjoy with our eggs.

Sauces for your eggs at Snooze
My wife likes her eggs sauce free!

We also enjoyed bottomless fresh brewed coffee. Snooze sends a daily order to their Guatemalan coffee roaster, they roast and grind the beans and then send the coffee to Colorado overnight.  It’s so fresh and amazing, you’ll come for the coffee and stay for the food.

Prices are about what you would expect. Service is fast, friendly and down to earth.  Just be prepared to wait at this fantastic breakfast bistro.  See you on the weekend!

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