Spring Patio Furniture

The change of seasons is almost here. With it comes a great opportunity, to remake our yards and decks and outdoor living spaces. This could be the year to update your patio furniture or simply bring in a landscaper to help get your yard ready for the new year.

What makes your heart sing? We’ve discovered joy in our yard in the form of quick flitting humming birds. Turns out, some of the flowers we planted really attract the little critters. They most ignore the feeders and go straight for their favorite flowers Spring and early summer. Always a ton of fun to watch. The birds make a unique sound which is the telltale signal to try and spot them in the yard.

Check out this big yard. I competed with 8Z for this listing, getting the job based upon the highest and best price. This was an Arvada Colorado houses for sale listing several years ago. I wonder what the new owners have done with the backyard.

Big yards offer a larger canvas to create your one-of-a-kind vision. They also require a lot of maintenance and more patio furniture

Best Places To Buy Furniture

We’ve had good fortune finding outdoor furnishings at stores, online and even in garage sales. Some of our favorites spots include:

  • Room & Board — there is a location in Cherry Creek Denver. Pro Tip: after shopping, dine out at Cherry Creek Grill.
  • All Backyard Fun – right here in Boulder, Co. Tell Heike I say hello.
  • Trails at Coal Creek Garage Sale – or really, any large subdivision garage sale. We’ve found some really good deals.

Big Yard Or Small Yard?

What’s your poison when it comes to yard space? I grew up with a big yard. I didn’t really realize it was larger than most as a young person. For the longest time, I owned properties with more limited yard spaces, though now it takes 45 minutes to mow the lawn. I have a big yard (not nearly as big as the one pictured though).

Are you a big yard person? Would your dream home have acres of ground for horse back riding, creating trails for a mini-bike for the kids? Or are you a small yard person?

This yard is much smaller by comparison, offering some neat out of sight features. The covered gas grill is fitted with a gas line from the house. You’ll never need to refill a propane tank at the last second. If you look closely, you’ll see there is a closed awning hanging along the leading edge of the roof. That awning is remote controlled, providing additional shade to the patio furniture area.

Bonus, this particular layout offered by a sliding glass door and a glass door to the back patio.

Other good real estate features to notice -the gutters lead to a downspout that moves underground to move water away from the house. The house bib, just on the far right side of the photo, has a concrete run-off device to also facilitate water moving away. And then there is all that rock and no plantings. Another great way to protect your home’s foundation.

Backyard Project Needs A Little Work

“We’re okay with doing a little work.” I hear that, from time to time, from first time home buyers. This backyard would fall into the fixer upper category. It does feature a really nice (large) concrete space, pictured here devoid of patio furniture. The yard has dandelions sprouting, even the doghouse looks like it has seen better days.

Something to keep in mind. If you purchase a new construction home from a builder, plan to put in the entire backyard including the sprinkler system, your first year in the new home. Be sure to plant trees, shrubs and install the sprinkler system. Also, budget for your patio/deck.

Covered patio furniture area on the side of a home is part of a wide, southern feeling wrap-around deck.

The covered area on the house at 1611 Orion has always been one of my favorite features of this gorgeous custom built home in Northeast Longmont. When it came time to sell the house, the owners had vacated. To add some cheer, we brought in a professional staging company. In addition to the kitchen, nook, dining room, living and family room, we made the decision to add patio furniture and stage some of the outdoor space.

It was a great marketing ploy. The ultimate home buyer on this house sends holiday cards with pictures taken in this space every year. New advances in electronics would even allow a sports enthusiast to hang a year-round outdoor flat screen tv on the exterior wall if you were making this area more of a sports bar/man cave space.

Decks Versus Patios

As the proceeding and next photos make clear, you can do just as much, or even more, with a beautiful deck.

This redwood deck with patio furniture and fire pit made for an awesome outdoor hangout space in Rock Creek, Superior

Who else gets great ideas for all backyard fun from virtual showings and in person open houses? Check out the fun link below to get plenty of great ideas for improving your yard space this Spring. Have fun getting some great ideas for your outdoor space at home!