Spring Snow Boulder Colorado

Weather Service Called It: Spring Snow

This is Boulder Colorado.  Spring snow blankets the area in mid May.  Long after the Colorado ski resorts have closed for the season.  After bulbs have bloomed and spring wild flowers dot the mountains.  It is snowy in Boulder.

Protect Plants And Trees

Hopefully you brought your hanging baskets in from the weather before it snowed.   If you have small trees and bushes weighed down with heavy Spring snow, be sure to get outside and brush the white stuff off using a broom or ski pole.

grill covered with spring snow on May 12 2014
Two days ago we were grilling steaks and eating outdoors. Today, my grill is covered by a Spring Snow storm

In the Fall, when storms like this sweep in ahead of winter, you really need to be cautious regarding sprinkler systems.    This time of year, the ground generally doesn’t get cold enough to cause a hard freeze.

Beautiful Boulder

Living along the Front Range, you learn quickly weather can change in an instant.  The mountains are absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t imagine a better place to call home. We get a phenomenal number of sunshine days in Colorado – something like 300 days a year.  Blue skies are the norm out here.  Weather seems funny to talk about, but it really is a big part of why people love living in Colorado.   Brave the occasional Spring snow storm or early winter blizzard and in return? Ninety percent of the time it his the best place to live.

Gardening Advice

This time of year, be cautious not to plant before May 15.  In Colorado, there is always the risk of late Spring snows and freezing. Here is a good article on protecting your garden and plants from 9 News.


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