Sprinklers and Boulder hard freeze

Does your home have Sprinklers? Boulder is expecting a hard freeze

Now is the time to take a few precautionary steps to ensure safety and prevent flooding.  What you need to do with sprinklers and Boulder hard freeze tonight.  At a minimum, wrap the exterior piping and control in a blanket or towel and then wrap all of that in plastic.

A further step for sprinklers and Boulder hard freeze expected this evening is to partially drain the line.  This would involve turning off the water to the sprinkler system and briefly turning the system on.  This way most of the water will be evacuated from the lines. This is insufficient protection in the dead of winter, but this evening will help.

Step One – Find your exterior sprinkler gear

Sprinklers and Boulder hard freeze what to do to prevent freezing your water line - photo of exterior of house and sprinkler system
Step One: Sprinklers and Boulder hard freeze – this is what you are looking for at your house.

I realized I also have garden hoses attached. It is critically important to detach garden hoses during the winter and especially during a freeze in Boulder!

Step two cover sprinkler in a blanket

blanket covered sprinkler
Step two: find an old towel or blanket. I grabbed this one that I purchased on a whim on a visit to Tijuana. Very scratchy but colorful.

Be sure to place some of the cloth material between the house and the sprinkler area.   I used the pliers in the picture to get the garden hose disconnected.

Step three cover sprinkler and blanket in plastic

sprinkler system wrapped in plastic and blanket to avoid hard freeze damage in Boulder
Step three, cover all in plastic. I used a garbage bag and tied it shut.


Winterize Sprinklers

In general, this is a good time of year to have your sprinklers winterized. This involves having the lines blown out and the valves set to relieve any pressure in the line during the winter.

For now, with sprinklers and Boulder hard freeze expected, be sure to at least wrap a blanket or towels around the exterior piping and then cover in plastic.


A good sprinkler company in Longmont I have used, click here.

This is one in Louisville/Superior/Lafayette that is reliable; click here.

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