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Line Out The Door For Morning Coffee

What the heck. There is a line stringing its way out the door of Spruce Confections as I pull up. I’m thinking – run in, grab an espresso drink, run out. That’s clearly not happening.

While I’m waiting an aroma of fresh baked goods wafts across the counter. Everything looks so good.   Breakfast burritos are the hot seller for the morning rush at Spruce Confections.

On the far west end of Pearl Street, before the block becomes purely residential, a little oasis sits. Tables and bright red chairs dot the landscape. Couples, businessmen in crisp suits and mothers in Yoga wear are here. This is clearly a great spot to grab a bite and a good coffee first thing in the morning.

people in line inside the bustling spruce confections downtown coffee shop
Scratch baked goods, an enticing aroma of Kaladi coffee and happy patrons

Family Reunion Brings Visitors To Boulder Colorado

As I’m waiting patiently in line, I start up a few conversations. The person in front of me explains her line of work. She does free lance event planning, mostly in Mexico. She works from anywhere between Boulder and Denver is at a loss to explain the line for coffee.

But she agrees the confections on Spruce Street look delicious. There are pastries and muffins. Homemade granola sweetened with maple syrup catches my eye. Beyond the countertop, I spot several large mixers. This place clearly makes its own delicious baked goods.

breakfast burritos

An Americano At Spruce Confections

As I pay for my Americano – my go to drink of choice these days with a touch of cream – I get into another conversation. This guy looks to be a contemporary. He is in town for a Family reunion. He is celebrating his mother’s 80th birthday. Oh, we just did that for my Mom too. Great fun.

Boulder Colorado Population Is 103,000

He loves Boulder; he’s from Bend Oregon, a smaller version of our beautiful city. Guesses the population to be one thirty, one forty. “No way,” I say. The population in Boulder is merely a tad north of 100,000. And that’s an estimate since the last census had us in the upper 90K range.

Boulder is really a big little town. With 50,000 in-commuters daily. This is important to consider, because we wind up being a city with incredible services to offer and yet the smallness of a town.

Boulder isn’t that big. But it sure feels like it.

I can ride my bike from one end to the other (and I’m only a fair rider). And feel safe and comfortable the entire ride. In fact, there are hundreds of miles of bike trails, designated bike lanes and quiet roads for cyclists to enjoy.

But, I digress, which honestly happens writing a blog. Spruce Confections is a wonderful shop on a quiet part of Pearl Street. Its away from the hustle and bustle of the pedestrian mall. Kitty corner is Lolita’s Market. Low key, well known for big sub sandwiches made in the back. There is also a nearby pizza joint and Justin’s Peanut Butter has some office space across the street.

exterior of spruce confections coffee shop
Red bricked facade, inviting windows and a smattering of tables greets you as you arrive at Spruce Confections

This is a friendly spot. Chat up a new introduction while waiting for your morning Joe. Enjoy a croissant. Snag a coveted seat outdoors and enjoy a quiet moment on a lovely Boulder Co street in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. From here, you might wander over to Mount Sanitas for a hike, stroll to the Pearl Street Mall for a bit of shopping or walk home if you reside in the Pearl Street Mall, Newlands or University Hill neighborhoods.

Coffee Shop Particulars!

Spruce Confections
Downtown: 303-449-6773
Uptown: 303-449-5819
East: 303-862-6931
Established: 1992

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  1. As coffee shops around Boulder go, this one is great. Friendly, chatty spot. Folks are not buried in their devices. Great place to have a real conversation.


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