Staging your home in Boulder Colorado

Selling Your House

Ready to sell your house? Great, the market is excellent for new home sellers to enter. There is a lack of inventory and Boulder Colorado is a hot market.  But wait, have you considered staging your home for the maximum return on investment?   Believe it or not, making a few changes to your house – staging- can result in faster sales for more money.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Replace light bulbs.  Silly little thing, but when it comes to staging your home, having great light can make a big impact.
  2. Clean the windows.   This is something most home owners never think of, yet can have a big impact. 
  3. Re-arranging furniture is a tried and true trick when it comes to staging your home.  Consider removing some furniture to open up space.  Shifting items for better walk-ability can help prospective buyers navigate your house.
  4. Get your home professionally cleaned.   As an owner, you might not see all the dirt. Part of staging your home to sell is making it as clean as possible. A professional service will have a check list to catch all the little areas you might easily miss: behind the dryer, baseboards down low in every room, light fixtures up high – even ones requiring a ladder.  The dreaded oven.  Enough said!
  5. Keep in mind, staging your home to sell is not just for buyers. You’ll want the house to sparkle the day the appraiser comes by.  Make a great first impression by doing all the right things: kids/family/pets out of the house. Lights on; handy information for the appraiser on the kitchen table, music playing.
  6. Remove family photos.   This is doubly effective, because it opens up the walls and keeps buyers from being distracted by your family/friends/pictures while in the house.
  7. Pack up and de-clutter.  When the house sells, you’ll need to pack. Why not get a head start?  As a rule of thumb, putting away one third of your belongings is a good idea. Where to store all of this? Consider a storage locker or giving away unneeded items to a charitable organization.

key to staging your homeAdditional Resources For Staging Your Home

Looking for more great ideas when it comes to staging your home for top dollar? I was inspired by several blogs in writing this offer.  Check out these great resources:

Michaela Phillips Vice President of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate writes a blog on Tips for Selling Your Home for More Money and In Less Time.

Bernhardt Appraisal shared a smashing Houzz blog reminding how important it is for staging your home for the appraisal.  Make that same great impression on the appraiser that caught the eye of the home buyer.

Carole Morgan, a home staging expert in Richland MI blogged on the facts and fiction of home staging. 

And finally, Cherry Ruffino wrote a super blog titled, “Tips For Staging Your Home On A Budget” that reminds me to add – mow your lawn and shovel the snow for showings!  Make that great first impression when showing your home. 

About the author: The above local Real Estate information on Staging your home in Boulder Colorado was provided by Bob Gordon, a local expert in his field. Bob can be reached via email at or by phone at 303-443-3334.  Bob has been helping people move in and out of the Boulder/Denver area since 1995.

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